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The safety technical requirements for the removal

by:Shizhan     2020-09-19
Safety technical requirements for the removal of portal scaffolding?
(1) After the construction of the project is completed, the scaffolding can be removed only after inspection and verification by the person in charge of the unit project that it is no longer needed. Dismantling scaffolding should make a plan, which can only be carried out after approval by the person in charge of the project. Dismantling the scaffold should meet the following requirements:
1) Before removing the scaffold, the materials, tools and sundries on the scaffold should be removed.
2) The dismantling of the scaffold should be carried out according to the following procedure:
①Remove the top handrail and railing post from the side span, then remove the scaffolding board (or horizontal frame) and the escalator section, and then remove the horizontal reinforcement rod and scissor brace.
②Remove the cross bracing from the top straddle, and simultaneously remove the top wall connecting rods and the top door frame.
③Continue to remove the door frame and accessories in the second step simultaneously. The height of the free cantilever of the scaffold shall not exceed three steps, otherwise a temporary tie should be added.
④ Disassemble continuously and synchronously. For connecting wall parts, long horizontal rods, scissor braces, etc., the scaffolding must be dismantled to the relevant span door frame before being removed.
⑤Remove the sweeping pole, bottom door frame and sealing pole.
⑥Remove the base, and remove the pads and blocks.
Portal scaffolding 2
(2) The disassembly of scaffolding must meet the following safety requirements:
1) Workers must stand on temporary scaffolding boards to carry out dismantling operations.
2) During the demolition work, it is strictly prohibited to use a hammer or other hard objects to hit or pry digging. The removed connecting rod should be put in the bag, and the lock arm should be passed to the ground first and put in the house for storage.
3) When disassembling the connecting parts, first turn the lock plate on the lock base and the lock piece on the hook to the open position, and then start disassembly. No deadlifting or knocking is allowed.
4) The dismantled mast, steel pipes and fittings should be transported to the ground by tying them with mechanical lifting or derricks to prevent collisions. Throwing is strictly prohibited.
(3) Precautions for removal:
1) When removing the scaffolding, fences and warning signs should be set up on the ground, and special personnel should be sent to guard. It is strictly forbidden for all non-operating personnel to enter
2) When the scaffold is removed, the door frame and accessories that are removed must be inspected. Remove the contaminants on the rods and threads, and perform necessary shaping. If the deformation is serious, it should be sent back to the factory for repair. It should be inspected, repaired or scrapped according to regulations. The removed door frames and other accessories should be sorted and stored according to the types and specifications after inspection and repair, and keep them properly to prevent corrosion.
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