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by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
Linan city of hot galvanizing plate buckles scaffold where good contact phone number: 18420150310 scaffold in construction of need we especially pay attention to its security, for the scaffold construction safety has certain safety requirements, let's go to have a look. Engaged in scaffolding set-up, maintenance, and dismantling of operation personnel, must be familiar with the knowledge of basic technology of scaffolding, and related certificates, homework at an altitude of more than 2 m of all belong to, should strictly carry out high homework safety regulations, will be based on the scaffold and adjacent area to mining operations. Homework personnel must wear a helmet on scaffolds, fasten your seat belts and wear non-slip shoes, no drunken homework. For more than 25 m large scaffolding, suspended scaffolding and special safety requirements of scaffolding, carrying out responsibility system of responsibility, each set special responsibility nature, scaffolding, responsible for the daily inspection and maintenance, to prevent the man-made destruction; Should avoid as far as possible to operate at night, if you really need to work at night, the site should have sufficient lighting, and at night the height of the erection of scaffolding shall not exceed the secondary high standards ( 15 m below) 。 In addition, hefei scaffolding rental small make up remind everybody, scaffold erection, dismantling, the ground should be set fencing and warning signs, and hold people alert, prohibit the operation personnel to enter. Linan city hot galvanizing plate buckles scaffold where good
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