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by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
Name ShiGongChu engineering construction, head of the team responsible for construction technical clarificaiton, head of the date/bottom let 1, construction scaffolding construction safety technical disclosure before construction site formation compaction, in around the site, the drain. 2, into the construction site personnel must wear non-slip shoes to wear a helmet. 3, all kinds of scaffolding must be binding and firm, each intersection should be tied to buckle. Shelf foundation shall be real contact with the ground, are generally buried poling 50 cm entity, inclined support bar be buried 30 cm deep. The scaffolding scaffolding to covered, tie, no probe plate, should not be placed component, weight, padded objects or stamped on here for homework and so on. And any part of the scaffold shall be associated with the template, can't overload use. 4, scaffolding of the lateral, ramps and platform shall be tied protective gear lever and foot, or hang protection set net. Has a slope of scaffolding, which is set to prevent slippery batten. Independent scaffolding shall be built in thunderstorm season, when the height is more than 15 meters must be put lightning protection facilities. 5, erection of scaffold in the water phase in the promulgation of the rod joint should be staggered, beams and bracing to install at the same time. Slippery course must be kept vertical, two rails spacing error must not exceed 10 mm. 6, hanging basket should be designed in strict accordance with the requirements of the construction. Wire rope around with hanging baskets shall not be less than 3 laps, clamp shall not be less than 3. The insurance of a hanging basket ropes have to root in 2. 7, used as temporary ladder, it is forbidden to carry tools and operational staff. Workers are strictly prohibited lifting the cage up, down or overload use. 8 the scaffold and stop using for a long time before reuse, or must be checked after the wind, the rain, found that tilt, sinking, pull rod, the collapse button should be processed in a timely manner. 9 scaffold material for steel pipe commonly, scaffolding material requirements, the requirement is outer diameter 48 & ndash; 51 mm, wall thickness 3 & ndash; 3. 5 mm, and no rust, bending, flattening or crack. Bar connection must use special fasteners, scaffolding or corrupt the fracture of the plank. Use of bamboo do scaffolding, thickness not less than 5 cm, bolt hole not greater than 1 cm. Bolted matter. Safety requirements in good condition, without damage, each width not less than 3 m, no more than 6 meters long and mesh is not more than 10 cm in diameter. 10, dismantle scaffold should pay attention to safety matters, in addition to A scaffold, surrounding fence or warning sign should be set up, and down from dismantled and do it step by step, not up and down double operation, dismantling feet hand lever, plate application manual transmission or crane crane, it is forbidden to throw at random or optional deposit in demolition, items, etc. B, dismantle scaffold should by professional scaffolder operation. Operation to concentrate, and to carry tool bag, fasten your seat belt, and belt to hang in the reliable, can't hang on the broken pieces. 11, the safety net of pitched requirement A, scaffolding, any more than 4 meters high, must be in building the first floor pitched around 3 meters wide AnQuanPing network. High-rise building pitched six meters wide, with the first layer of the double-layer AnQuanPing addition, every four layer also fixed a AnQuanPing net 3 meters wide, and with the higher structure of synchronous erection, guarantee on all its corner and concave and convex parts AnQuanPing net width of the same, and shall not leave gaps. B, AnQuanPing offline barriers shall be stored. Every piece of net connection is tight and firm, can not have aperture. In the net and may not have the strut on the net, net no remaining impurities. C, to ensure the safety net complete and effective, and has damaged the timely repair or replacement. Disclosure to sign clarificaiton signature
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