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by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
Scaffolding wi purpose is to standardize the construction personnel construction according to the requirement, and maintain the surrounding environment, and safeguard the worker health and safety. Scope of application: scaffold construction safety operation and environmental protection. Reference data: the highway engineering construction technical regulation and related environmental protection laws and regulations. Specific requirements: 1 wood, bamboo scaffold lashing material, should be used for 8 ~ 10, galvanized wire and the diameter of not less than 10 mm three-ply white line or scirpus tabernaemontani bamboo sticks. Water bamboo scaffolding used texture, perseverance, with fresh green new water bamboo chopping, thickness of 0. 6 ~ 8 mm, width is about 5 mm is advisable. Off the fence of waist, big knot and be affected with damp be affected with damp mildew may not be used. 2 should use fastener steel pipe scaffold connection material, joint should be staggered, bolt fastening. Poling bottom using stud base. Lead wire and white line not connected steel scaffolding. 3 scaffolding to be covered, | | | big exam tie, no probe plate, and be firmly fixed on the scaffold support. Any part of the scaffold shall be associated with the template. To set up the scaffolding railings, equipped safety facilities should be checked regularly, ensure that operators and small mechanical safe passage. 5 scaffold materials and tools to neatly stacked, snow and debris shall be removed in a timely manner. Has a slope of scaffolding, which is set to prevent slippery batten. 6 suspended scaffolding used baluster or brace fixed reliable, prison *, swing shaking on the proof. 7 build-up in the water of the scaffold, often should check the water draining, found loose, deformation and subsidence should be reinforced in time. Homework personnel should be installed with life-saving equipment on the scaffold. 8 in the erection of steel tube mast in the promulgation of rod joint should be staggered, beams and bracing to install at the same time, the slippery course must be kept vertical, two rails spacing error must not exceed 10 mm. 9 hanging basket should be designed in strict accordance with the requirements of the construction. Wire rope around with hanging baskets shall not be less than 3 laps, clamp shall not be less than 3. The insurance of a hanging basket cord shall not be less than 2. Wire rope shall not friction with structure or other objects. 10 scaffold height in 10 ~ 15 m should be set when a group ( 4 ~ 6 hate) Cable wind rope. Each increased 10 m should be adding another group. Cable wind rope to 45 o Angle with the ground - 60 o. The anchor cable wind rope should be set up fences, prevent collision damage. Around 11 to dismantle scaffold, fence or warning sign should be set up, and down from demolished, not up and down double work. Demolition of foot hand lever, plate application manual transmission or crane crane, casually throwing are strictly prohibited. Above is for reference only
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