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The scaffold is different

by:Shizhan     2020-09-28

Scaffolding: refers to the erection of scaffold outside the building and equipment around the wall. Scaffolding: refers to the erection of inside the building for floors building and clear surface decoration and equipment ( Container) Within the scaffold. Scaffolding classification: scaffolding, scaffolding, and scaffolding, scaffolding, etc. Scaffolding method divided into a lot of single row, double row, row, and, with high, ring ( Peripheral) , anti-crack, which is divided into the form of the set. And scaffolding: refers to the interior ceiling installation and decoration and installation of working face and the erection of a scaffold board well format. - Mainly used for single factory building, exhibition hall, gymnasium, etc.  The height, width and large building at the top of the decoration construction. By the vertical rod, bar, rod, scissors, etc.  And scaffolding types: there are two kinds, a kind of platform is mainly used for personnel. A bear loads is mainly used for racks. Bear loads racks need to be checked. Keywords: scaffold                                

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