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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
In construction projects, build ultrahigh scaffold has always been a difficult problem. Especially for the inexperienced and new to the scaffold, it is even harder. So, the following will give you the detailed analytical scaffold project is how to build, how to. The structure of the scaffold project mainly includes: poling, longitudinal rod, lateral horizontal pole, vertical sweeping bar, horizontal sweep pole, fasteners ( Right-angle fastener, rotating fastener, docking fastener, non-slip fasteners) , bracing ( Also known as the cross brace, cross cover) And the transverse brace ( Also known as the transverse oblique rod, the word file) , scaffolding, even the wall, Also known as the wall, even the wall) Base, etc. Lord poling: double tube poling directly under the top load in the post. Deputy poling: double tube p31 poling of rod load poling. Horizontal bar: scaffold in the horizontal bar. Stud: scaffold in the vertical bar straight horizontal plane. It is the main bar of the foot frame structure, and weight of the scaffold structure, construction load and wind load of main bearing bar. Poling: double-row scaffold in the left wall on the side of the post, or single stud. Inner poling: double row close to the wall in the tripod stand on one side of the pole. Angle bar: located in the foot corner poling, double tube material: two root were close to stud. Sweep the floor bar: close to the ground, connection pole root level pole. Longitudinal rod sweeps the floor: the scaffolding longitudinal rod sweeps the floor. It can constraint poling bottom in longitudinal displacement. Horizontal rod sweeps the floor: the scaffolding transverse rod sweeps the floor. It can constraint poling bottom in lateral displacement. Longitudinal bar: set the level of the vertical direction along the scaffold pole ( Also known as the main rail, cross arm, holding, and well) 。 It is the main link of the scaffold structure, is the main force of construction load transfer to stud link. Lateral horizontal bar: the scaffolding lateral horizontal bar set ( Also known as a small bar, six feet, and horizontal stare blankly, joists) 。 It is composed of the scaffold structure well pass the construction load to stud the main force of bar. Rotating fastener: used in parallel or oblique bar connection between fasteners. Docking fastener: fasteners to dock bar connection. It is the stress of the load transferring fittings. Non-slip fasteners: according to the requirement of anti-sliding add the connection use fasteners. Fastener even wall using bolt fastening of fitting: connect scaffold and the structure of the components ( Also known as the wall, even the wall) 。 It is able to withstand wind load, transfer, and to prevent the scaffold in lateral instability or overthrow the important mechanical parts. Transverse brace: with double row scaffolding of internal and external rod or horizontal rod oblique diagonal into a word, it can strengthen the transverse stiffness of scaffold, to improve the bearing capacity of the scaffold. Bracing: in pairs on the side of the scaffold outside the set up cross diagonal ( Also known as the cross brace, cross cover) , it can enhance the vertical stiffness of the scaffold, improve the bearing capacity of the scaffold. Behind support: scaffold outside oblique side bar. Rectangular phase: fasteners for vertical links between cross bar. It is depend on the fastener and the friction between the steel tube surface construction load, wind load, the stress components. Fixed base: can't adjust the height of the cushion base. Adjustable base: ability to adjust the height of the cushion base. Base: in vertical bar at the bottom of the mat, it is to inherit and pass poling load accessories. Plate: in under the base plate. Through the interpretation of the above, if still have what not understand of place, you are always welcome. Shenzhen tengda power all engineering people security context, a safe home.
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