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by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
1, scaffolding set-up standard of raw material and a. Name of fastener type steel pipe scaffold material requirements for 48 ~ 51 note steel pipe diameter gauge lattice wall thickness 3 mm. 0 ~ 3. Central 5 mm steel pipe bending fasteners shall not exceed 20 mm rectangular docking fastener, rotating fastener, fastener fasteners must not have crack, deformation, slide fastener b. Steel scaffolding requirements according to ask said Ming stud base plate thickness of 50 mm length should be greater than two straddles stem erect before foundation should be ground leveling, cement, plate, such as the ground hard cushion layer for concrete, can be directly by the underlying poling interval shall not be greater than 2 m span cross bar should be less than 12 m interval and the minimum span spacing shall be less than 1. 2 m vertical rod and bar a stud connectors from the master node spacing a≤ H / 3 bar a≤ L / 3 H - among them - - Refers to the stud connectors to the adjacent recent distance L - the master node - - Refers to the rail joint distance to adjacent recently main node c. Bracing and even the wall of said to ask even walls scaffolding to the third step should be set after the wall, even the wall piece should bracing rigidity connection to step 4 should be set after the scaffold erection bracing, bracing spacing & le; 15。 Shop with planks and guardrails name to laying work surface for scaffolding scaffolding plank should be spread and bound with iron wire fixation on foot hand lever scaffolding overhanging docking overhanging degrees should be from 130 to 150 mm, overlapping overhanging degrees should & ge; 100 mm scaffolding fence scaffold surface above each activity 1. 2 m height must be set protective railing against surface should be set up around the block baseboard baseboard homework, block foot height is 200 a was, scaffolding operation safety protection. 48 steel pipe scaffold application diameter & ndash; 51 mm, wall thickness 3 & ndash; 3. 5 mm, no serious rust, bending, flattening or crack of steel pipe. 48 feet hand bar are strictly forbidden to diameter & ndash; 51 mm mixture of two kinds of steel pipe, nor steel mixing; b。 Steel pipe scaffold bar connection must use qualified malleable iron fasteners, lead wire and other materials shall be used for binding; c。 The operation of the scaffold surface must be covered with scaffolding, can not have gaps and probe plate, fly the springboard. Scaffolding the lower pocket net level. Operating side lateral should set two protective railings and a foot, hanging safety net, the mouth sealed, protective height should be 1. 2米; d。 Scaffolding must ensure that the overall structure deformation; e. No. 213 document according to the national ministry of construction scaffolding engineering must prepare special construction plan; f。 All kinds of scaffolding before put into use, must fulfill the handover inspection procedures. 3, construction project ( Including the scaffold with) Between the outer edge of an electric overhead line and the line must keep a safe distance. The minimum safety distance should be not less than the value listed in the table below. Electric voltage of 1 kv below 1 ~ 10 kv154 tiye to 110 ~ 220 kv330 ~ 500 kv the minimum safety distance ( m) 4681015 note: upper and lower scaffolding set-up in the side of the electric circuit with the ramps are strictly prohibited.
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