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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Management of elephant foot hand frame management responsibility ascent homework personnel inspect pipe departments for industry single supervisor member number operation department head braided SNMH— Scaffold - 01 management standards high homework use of scaffold materials should comply with the safety requirements: scaffold made of metal material, using ф 40 ㎜ steel tube and the buckle connection, configuration 3000 ㎜ & times; 300㎜报; 60 ㎜ pine frame plate. Woodiness material scaffold, using 120 ㎜ & times; The deal of 120 ㎜ square stock, with 8 # lead wire binding, configuration 3000 ㎜ & times; 300㎜报; 60 ㎜ pine frame plate. Support distribution uniform size and spacing no 1. The span of 2 m, scaffolding shall not be less than 1. 2 m, when the scaffold height more than 2 m to set up the rail. High homework personnel before each operation to the scaffold, in good condition to check immediately found the problem; Ascent, 'before the team to organize high homework personnel shift job hazards identification; Mine human resources division ( Training) Each year to organize a about people working in high knowledge training. Safety engineer, the construction unit of construction management personnel use scaffolding in good condition for the supervision and inspection, found not in good condition, criticized the education of construction personnel.
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