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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Name of engineering construction supervision company project inspection content inspection conclusion 1, construction plan, construction plan. 2, whether in accordance with the construction plan. 2, poling 1, whether level off, hardening. 2, presence of drainage measures. 3, the frame body and subject 1, whether there is a hard Rachel Rachel. 2, Rachel is strong. 4, 1 bar spacing, stud, if big bar, small bar spacing specification. 5, scissors, tide 1, whether the set of scissors. 2, bracing whether continuous setting, Angle is in line with the requirements. 6, 1, whether full shop scaffolding. 2, whether the material meets the requirements. 3, have without probe plate. 7, whether safety net 1, setting the mesh type safety net. 2, whether laid tightly. 3, whether to set the flat screen. 8 1, diameter, material, material meets the requirements. 2, steel tube bending, corrosion is serious. 9, discharging platform 1, whether the design and calculation. 2, the erection is in line with the requirements. 3, presence of loading plate. 10, disclosure and acceptance 1, whether before the erection of disclosure. 2, the erection whether completion of acceptance. Construction unit ( A signature) Year month day supervision unit ( A signature) Year month day
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