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by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
Party a: party b: according to the need of site construction, in the case of equality, voluntary, friendly consultation, party a model location of the erection of scaffolding to give we use on floor, in order to clear responsibility we will abide by the following conventions: 1, high in safety signs, tools, instruments, electrical and other equipment, must check before construction, confirmed its good to be put into use. High operation safety technical measures and the required materials, must be included in the project construction organization design. Engineering construction director responsible for high job security technology, and establish the corresponding responsibility system. 2, climbing and hung up high safety facilities staff, people working and build high must undergo specialized technical training, professional show certificates after test qualified. Workers to regular physical examination, it is forbidden to have high blood pressure, heart disease, fear of heights, mental disorders of personnel engaged in aerial work. When engaged in climbing and aerial work, must wear your seat belt, wearing non-slip shoes. 3, the working place for possible falling objects, should be promptly remove or for reinforcement. High work used in the material, shall be piled up smoothly, not obstructing traffic. Should be readily fit into a tool bag; Homework in the channel, and channel plate, should be timely clean; Remove the object and the remaining material, waste shall be removed at any time, prohibit any place and throwing objects. 4, a rainy day, when high, reliable anti-skid measures must be taken. In case of more than five strong winds, heavy rain, the bad weather such as heavy fog, thunderstorms, and may not be outdoor climbing and hung up high in the homework. After wind and rain, to high job security facilities and scaffolding to check in, found a loose, deformation, damage, or fall off wait for a phenomenon, should immediately repair. It is strictly prohibited in the thunderstorm days steel structure roofing construction. 5, when need because of the work, temporary dismantle or change security protection facilities, must be subject to consent by the construction director, reliable and take corresponding measures, homework should immediately to restore the same. 6, truss beam in place immediately after building, can be removed after all the job completion. When removed, should set the alert area, and hold people care. 7, avoid interchange construction within the same area, really can't avoid the water should be staggered, set the caregivers at the same time, eliminate safety hidden danger at any time. High welding, gas cutting current department should establish the brazier and safety net, and the above laid flame retardant cloth covering scope of welding slag fall, in order to avoid scald below the construction crew and fuel and the fire. High altitude during welding shall be provided with adequate fire fighting apparatus. 8, for high-altitude operations staff wearing a seat belt must be equipped with independent hang, ensure that instruction in safe and reliable. 9, the construction of technical facilities, the safety of the high homework found defective and hidden trouble, must solve in time, endangering the personal safety, must suspend operation. Such as since we are not in accordance with the requirements of operation specification what happened safety accident, after recognized by government agencies, we bear corresponding responsibility, as in the construction process, due to party a's not according to construction safety standard operating our personnel and property losses, party a shall bear the responsibility. Units: party a party b units: date: date:
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