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by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
1. Set-up for more than 3 meters off the ground, from equipment, tower platform 2 meters above, ( Special cases must be approved by the chief engineer) Maintenance equipment, pipes, or building ( Structure) Structures, need scaffold, must advance to the equipment department approval ( Emergency exceptions) , you must live with increases with the increasing open when I present my views on approval. Use the department in advance set-up requirements or proposed with detail. 2. General maintenance project for the 1 - date 2 weeks, the new expansion of the construction project for a month, since building a scaffold, in excess of the prescribed time, still must continue to use, apply to the equipment department by using department, the shelf agreed inspection or reinforcement. After the project, using department should inform equipment department in three days and pulled down. 3. (1) scaffold erection and dismantling of safe use requirements, must conform to the requirements of the scaffolder safety technical regulations. After scaffolding set, scaffolder have to check again whether the firm itself, conform to the requirements, use the department before construction must be in the check it again, to determine the secure rear can construction. 2 without the consent of the relevant departments, no one shall be arbitrarily tear open change scaffolding, scaffolding must by scaffolder step-stone. (3) on the scaffold construction must wear labor protection articles according to the rules are not allowed to walk on the wet bamboo; In order to ensure the personal safety scaffolder, encounter rain, snow level is above 6 wind must suspend operation, such as emergency task, stay with dry bamboo after the rain stopped the erection. (4) the use of scaffolding is frequent, cycle longer equipment, steel structure platform should be used as appropriate. 4. Scaffolding demolition of (1) dismantling scaffolding, should be set up around the fence or warning signs, and establish modes, prohibit others to enter, demolition should be sequentially by the next one, up and down at the same time is not allowed. 2 dismantled scaffold of ledger, bracing, should be the middle button, then split two clasp, by the middle operator downwards along the rod. (3) remove the scaffolding, scaffolding, steel pipes, fasteners, wire rope etc, should be passed down or use the rope sling, prohibited to throw. 5. The management of the scaffold materials such as the choice of all the equipment department is responsible for the, according to relevant provisions. 6. Inspection and examination by tuning section and equipment regular inspection, and according to the relevant provisions of the company.
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