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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Scaffold is belongs to the building to use a tool, this is strange, most of the scaffolding, within the building and in after every build by laying bricks or stones a layer of the wall, is on the move to a layer of floor, on a new layer masonry building, it can be used in the external walls of building construction and interior decoration. So the scaffolding can have what effect? 1: the scaffolding on the building ( Structure) Inside structures, its use process containing more frequently, so the demand of portable flexible and convenient installation. Usually made tools, it has a folding structure forms, pillar type and conveyor. 2: the Angle in the folding scaffold erection spacing, build by laying bricks or stones wall less than 2 m, while less than 2. 5m。 According to the construction height, along the height can build two step foot hand, the first step is about 1 m high, the second step is about 1. 65m。 3: telescopic prop it is one of the pillar in the scaffold, insert the endotracheal tube in the riser, with pin hole spacing adjustable height, at the top of the intubation of concave bracket shelved in the wood rail, rail laying on the scaffold. The erection height is 1. 5 ~ 2. 1m。 4: in the portal scaffolding 1) : is composed of two a-shaped frame and door frame. Its height is 1. 5, 2. 4 m, two a-shaped stent spacing 2. 2 ~ 2. 5m。 Internal construction about the structure of high altitude, such as building roof can use mobile feet in 2) : hand frame, such as operation, quantities, set-up and often in the construction zone, scaffolding, material available fastener type steel tube, bamboo, etc. Above introduces the scaffold in the relevant knowledge, through the above introduction believe you have some knowledge of it, in fact, the most should have seen, just don't know it can have the effect of so many, here to remind: the scaffolding still has his own advantages and disadvantages, the scaffold materials, this is one of his characteristics, but the demolition is very complex, its structure is mixed, to afterwards the demolition of a lot of inconvenience.
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