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by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
In general, the use of scaffold has a deadline, theoretically a decade, but often due to inadequate protection, deformation, wear, etc. , use period shorten. There are in the custody of the improper, forming part of the condition of the missing accessories also happen from time to tome, that has made the cost of production is greatly increased. If you want to use scaffolding longer, attention should be paid to the following: first, bowls button scaffolding, for example, should strict according to the planning and construction in the construction, avoid unnecessary loss. Bowl scaffold some parts are easily damaged, so it is certain to should have experience of professionals in the construction, so that we can effectively reduce loss, ensure the safety of working together. And properly kept. When placed scaffolding should be waterproof, moisture-proof measures, to avoid rust. Emissions and orderly, with this convenient and standardized management, also is not easy to form parts of chaos or lost, so good is assign special personnel to take charge of recycling, storage shelves of usage record at any time. Third, the time protection. Regularly for shelf daub antirust paint, generally two years once. Humidity larger region, once a year, to ensure that the shelves corrosion will not occur. Keywords: scaffold
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