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The scaffolding in Wuxi shall be erected according

by:Shizhan     2020-09-19
The bowl buckle multi-purpose scaffold uses the first toothed bowl buckle joint to connect various rods. The fastener-type steel pipe scaffold Ф48×3.5mmA3 welded steel pipe used as the main component is used as the main component. The vertical rod and the top rod are tested in a certain length The steel pipe is made by installing a set of bowl buckle joints every 0.60m. The bowl buckle is divided into the upper bowl buckle and the lower bowl buckle. The lower bowl buckle is welded to the steel pipe, and the upper bowl buckle is correspondingly sleeved on the steel pipe. The limit pin on the steel pipe can slide up and down. The crossbar is made by welding crossbar joints at both ends of the steel pipe. When connecting, only need to pierce the crossbar connector into the lower bowl buckle, buckle the upper bowl buckle along the limit pin, and rotate it clockwise, press the upper bowl buckle spiral surface to make it tight with the limit pin, so that the horizontal The pole and the vertical pole are firmly connected together to form a frame structure. Each lower bowl buckle can be connected with 4 cross-bar joints in the garment, and the orientation is arbitrary.

When erecting the scaffold in Wuxi, it should be erected row by row, span by span and gradually according to the requirements of the basic structural unit. The rectangular peripheral scaffold should be erected from one corner in between. Ensure that the part has been set up securely. Skilled personnel must provide technical and safe confession to Wuxi scaffolding erection and site management personnel. Those who have not participated in the confession shall not participate in the erection work; the scaffolding is also equipped with auxiliary components with various functions, such as adjustable bases, adjustable supports, and feet Prototypes, ladders, lifting beams, cantilevered frames, raising pulleys, safety net brackets, etc. The component series are standardized, with multiple functions and outstanding features. The scaffolding staff must understand the planning content of the scaffold.
Check the quality and quantity of steel pipes, fasteners, scaffold boards, ladders, safety nets, etc., to ensure that the planning requirements are satisfied. Unqualified components and parts shall not be used, and they shall not be erected when the materials are not complete. Materials and components with different specifications shall not be used on the same scaffold. Clear the debris in the erection site. When erecting under a high slope, first check the stability of the slope, deal with the dangerous rocks on the slope, and set up special personnel to guard. According to the erection height of the scaffold and the foundation condition of the erection site, the foundation of the scaffold shall be processed, and the line shall be laid out and positioned according to the planning request after the qualification is recognized. The physical condition of the personnel participating in the scaffolding erection and site management in Wuxi must be recognized. Anyone who is not suitable for high-altitude work shall not engage in the erection of scaffolding and site construction management.
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