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The show is hidden behind the cat, and the stage

by:Shizhan     2020-03-18
Following an unexpected accident during the preparation of the Taiwanese singer Tsai Yilin Nanning ’s concert on October 29, the stage light stand collapsed, killing more than 10 people at the scene and injuring more than 10 people, and the concert could not be held as scheduled, at 7 pm on November 28, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Chenxing Concert Hall's lifting stage unexpectedly caused the fall of teachers and students of the Beihang Institute of Reliability and System Engineering, which was holding a gala event, and 25 injured people were quickly sent to the hospital for examination and treatment. Two stage collapses in just one month had to make people question the quality of these projects. After receiving the stage-built project, many companies will subcontract the project, and some even directly subcontract to unqualified construction foreman for final implementation. Compared with other construction projects, the performance construction project has a short project period. The average construction period is usually one week, and workers often earn thousands of yuan per week. Therefore, such projects have also attracted contractors. For these situations, Yang Jianjun, CEO of the S.A.G Stage Art Working Group, told reporters that the situation of mixed fish and fish does exist in the industry. All professional production companies must be trained. Non-professional companies, even if there are knowledgeable people inside, but only a few professional backbones bring some invited workers to work, without the training of workers, the hidden dangers of the accident are buried. In addition to the issue of professional thresholds, Yang Jianjun also revealed that, to reduce costs, some performance organizers have left a small amount of budget for the stage construction, and it is not surprising that a tofu project appears. 'For example, a certain performer has a total budget of 3 million, and the artist is asked to spend 1.5 million, and the remaining 1.5 million will be shared in terms of renting the venue, security, ticketing, and hardware construction. The budget for the stage construction is very small.' Yang Jianjun said . The budget is too low, and companies with construction qualifications and high standards will not be invited. Even if you do, you may face cut corners. On the surface, the dance effect is achieved, but the essence is the tofu project. In addition to inadequate budgets and low costs, hastily erected construction work can also lead to hidden dangers of accidents. Yang Jianjun said that the stage production project is generally a project completed by many companies such as lighting, sound, video, and musical instruments. However, if deployment takes 5 days, but the organizer only rents the venue for 3 days, workers' manpower and working hours must be increased. Accelerating the pace, increasing personnel, and working overtime overnight will bring security risks. Voices in the industry Security risks are everywhere and industry standards are urgently needed In the interview, the reporter found that, as far as the standardized stage construction process is concerned, each step and details must be indispensable. The production and construction of a concert stage must first be based on the performance venue, performance content, stage specifications, etc. to draw up construction drawings and renderings. The size, height, depth of the drawings are usually marked on the drawings. The power consumption should be indicated. The design plan should relatively meet the requirements of all parties, and finally hand it over to the construction unit to start construction. In the stage construction process, not only the engineering director followed up the whole process, but local safety production departments, such as the safety supervision bureau, fire brigade, and electric power bureau, should also be present to supervise the scene, because stage accidents have occurred from abroad to China. Accountability is important, so regulation is important in the process. During the interview, many people in the industry urged that the competent authorities should not blindly supervise, but should strengthen system construction, introduce strict industry standards, and improve the professional quality of supervisors.
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