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The size of the wedding stage is small?

by:Shizhan     2020-05-12

The wedding stage is just a name for an active stage product, not a specific type or type of stage product. Hefei Decoration Metals, as a manufacturer that has been making wedding stage for many years, has many types and types of wedding stage products, which have made customers impeccable. However, it has recently been rumored that the wedding stage is a small-scale event stage, and wedding stage manufacturers do not agree. 

The wedding stage made by the wedding stage manufacturer. Furthermore, the wedding stage is different from the indoor fixed stage. It is a modern event stage. That is, what kind of event stage the customer wants to make, provide the manufacturer with the construction specifications and dimensions, and the manufacturer can formulate the construction plan accordingly, and then make the wedding stage production according to the construction plan. In fact, I mistakenly think that the wedding stage is a small stage, because the wedding stage gives the illusion that the wedding stage is used on-site and only suitable for indoor use. However, of the many products on the wedding stage, which one of the stages does not limit the application occasions, whatever you want, there is no restriction on the application occasions. So, how to choose a suitable stage product from the wedding stage products to serve as an outdoor stage? Generally, the purchase of stage products starts from the two aspects of stage stability and load-bearing, regardless of their uses. 

1.Stability Regardless of which activity stage, its frame design has an impact on the stability of the stage. For example, the assembly stage of the decoration industry adopts a rod design, and multiple bearing points can effectively disperse the stage load. Therefore, the stability of this stage is good, and the scope of application is less affected by the environment.

2. Bearing capacity From the perspective of materials, no matter which stage is made of steel, bearing capacity is not a problem at all. Even a simple folding stage can still hold 5-7 adults. Therefore, when choosing a stage, don't be misled by its title. The wedding stage is not just a stage product applied at the wedding scene. Jiangsu Shizhan Metal Products, a wedding stage manufacturer. Shizhan uses first-class products to provide you with first-class services, allowing you to purchase without any worries at a time, and consult to enjoy the factory direct selling price.                                

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