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'The spring breeze spurs people to sleep', the

by:Shizhan     2020-05-15
Spring is windy. In the eyes of the world, the spring breeze is a pleasant thing. The spring breeze blows to hypnosis; but in the case of truss manufacturers, the spring breeze is not so cozy, because the strong wind tests the results of truss construction, especially the individual The truss will not be so perfect! On March 01, the Anhui Meteorological Observatory issued a strong wind blue warning signal. Within 24 hours, some areas along the north of the Yangtze River will have an average wind power of about 4, and a gusty wind of 7 degrees. Level 7 gale is not a difficult thing for galvanized truss products! Like the galvanized truss products of Shizhan metal products in Jiangsu, the truss uses galvanized pipes with a wall thickness of 1.0, the cross-sectional size of the truss is 20cm * 20cm, and the wind-resistant lever! Round tube truss products But the products are for human use. When customers build truss, they do not necessarily follow the recommendations of the truss manufacturer completely, and even some people will build with their own experience. However, truss construction is not that simple and cannot be done with personal experience. As one of the stage truss manufacturers, Shizhan truss metal products have long-term truss manufacturing and construction experience. In other words, over time, truss manufacturers have a large number of truss construction experiences, with successes and failures. These are valuable resources for customers who purchase truss. However, in the market, the truss manufacturer is a precious resource, and some customers do not use it. Instead, they refuse to use it because of the tedious construction plan of the truss manufacturer! And this is exactly what the truss manufacturers are worried about. Roadside truss advertising stand The wind in spring is not big, but in the market, different customers give truss manufacturers the feeling that sometimes the strong wind has little effect on the product, and they are afraid of different ideas.
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