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by:Shizhan     2020-06-28
The stage is to use tempered glass, glass on the stage or organic glass? With how thick? This problem has been plagued by the user, first to introduce the characteristics of toughened glass and organic glass under the difference: tempered glass is also called the tempered glass. Is the heating common glass to softening point and with the glass after cold treatment, the surface has strong uniform compressive stress and mechanical strength multiplied, compared with the same thickness of the common glass, toughened glass resistance to bending, impact resistant ability, three to five times, upheaval temperature resistance up to three times. Toughened glass security good, granular is shown after crushing, avoiding the possible harm to human body. It is widely used in high-rise building curtain wall, indoor partition, elevator handrails and security required. Toughened glass features: security: after the glass broken into honeycomb-like scrawled particles obtuse Angle, will not cause significant harm to human body. Bending strength: tempered glass bending strength is common glass 3 - commonly 5 times. The deflection: 3 - than common glass 4 times. Thermal stability: tempered glass with good thermal stability, can withstand 250 - change the range of temperature 300 ℃, the average thickness of the glass can withstand 70 - 100℃。 Toughened glass stage defect is heavier, the use of 18 mm thick toughened glass is not suitable for use, generally used 15 mm or 12 mm bearing has enough to satisfy the performance requirements, too thick will only increase the burden of transportation and handling. And asked for laminated glass, not nip glue should not be used for the stage.
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