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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Unit width aluminum alloy scaffolding advantage 1 length: 2 m, 2. 5 meters, 3 meters width: 2 0. Height 75 meters 3:9 meters 4 0. The width of 75 meters of aluminum alloy scaffolding for 5 rough on the surface of the soil preparation homework within narrow space structures, narrow channel is not a problem or household door by 7 compact, easy to transport the double wide aluminum alloy scaffolding advantage 1 length: 2 m, 2. 5 meters, 3 meters width of 2:1. 35 meters height: 25 meters 4 simple installation 5 scaffolding skirting board any level, the working platform can be set up in the tower height of 40 cm per level. Suit to be used in construction site 6 7 arbitrary combination, have greater flexibility design, improve the utilization rate. Bridge type aluminum alloy scaffolding 1 security firm 2 bridge guardrail, door frame and other supporting equipment, suitable for the needs of different working environment three aluminum alloy scaffolding bearing strength is strong, the bridge span have different choice 4 safe and convenient, reduce the number of building tower, no loose parts, the operation is simple 5 can span the ground obstacles such as small garden building the same structures, aluminum alloy scaffolding local note: the above all aluminum alloy scaffolding style can be customized according to customer's demand, all customer buy shenzhen tengda aluminum alloy scaffolding can enjoy our custom construction scheme. If you have any questions, please call contact us: 18420150310.
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