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by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Recently, the city construction engineering safety accident happens, production safety situation is very serious, exposed the construction engineering ( Especially the big project) Security risk and risk control. To resolutely curb major accidents or above, and keep a general safety accidents occur, further strengthen crisis now for a big project and other major risk source security controls and strengthen production safety management related matters urgent notice is as follows: various units to strictly implement the 'greater danger division component project safety management regulation' ( Live built possessed no. 37) , the housing and construction department of guangdong province about building municipal engineering risk bigger partial regulations for the implementation of the project safety management, Guangdong to build specification [2019] no. 2) Danger such as big engineering management regulation, to ensure that dangerous big project, with the early stage of the protection have special construction scheme, site safety management, supervision and management, layer upon layer to carry out the responsibility of controlling dangerous big projects, build a big danger engineering control barrier. Strengthen the subway station after engineering ( Track-laying, mechanical and electrical installation, communication, signal, decoration engineering, etc. ) Management as a whole. The construction unit should organize all the contractors, rigorous standing after the engineering work plan, strict construction sequence and timing, strengthen the cohesion between the different type of work and safety protection, supervision company units approach sequence, the order shall be confirmed. Strengthen tall mold, aluminum alloy scaffolding engineering controls. According to the noaa series construction security clampdown deployment and forward the construction engineering quality and safety supervision station of shenzhen on strengthening adhesive lifting scaffolding safety management notice ( Deep to build mass Ann [2019] no. 49) Requirements, such as scaffolding, screening of high mould in regulation, focusing on implementation of the following measures: 1. Strict enforcement of adhesive lifting scaffolding dismantling, promote 'homework' system, it is forbidden to fall; 2. Steel pipe scaffold even wall rod set should conform to the requirements of the standard, it is strictly prohibited to randomly dismantled even wall rod; 3. During the typhoon, in strict accordance with the scaffold outside the typhoon temporary reinforcement measures to decorate the walls, the top outside the frame should be connected to the main structure, cannot be connected to the main structure, should do will be the formwork scaffolding and temporary reinforcement or shall adopt other measures for strengthening, is located in the top row over even the wall units all safety net should be torn down; 4. Tall shuttering project should be according to the relevant provisions of the editor construction plan, and according to the plan of construction, concrete pouring should be done before acceptance. China railway first inning 16 subway engineering considering the construction period, quality and safety requirements, therefore, when choosing scheme, give full consideration to the following: 1. This project in the station hall, lobby layer, equipment layer, platform layer erection of scaffolding, erection of height of seven meters; 2, the erection gantry scaffolding purpose: used in mechanical and electrical installation and other decoration engineering activities of the working platform; 3, the frame body structure design, and strive to achieve the structure is safe and reliable, economic and reasonable cost. 4, used under the condition of rules and regulations within the time limit, can fully meet the expected safety and durability and easy to construction; 5, when choosing materials, and strive to achieve the common gm, can cycle use, easy to maintenance; 6, model selection of the structure, and strive to do force clear, construction measures in place, convenient operation, easy to check acceptance; 7, comprehensive above, scaffold erection, must also conform to the JCJ59 - 2011 inspection standards; More than 8, in combination with the scaffold design principles, combined with the actual situation of the project at the same time, considering the previous construction experience, decided to adopt tengda aluminum alloy mobile scaffold.
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