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by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
For the aluminum alloy scaffolding, do we have to say to its bearing capacity, scaffolding weight much heavier objects can handle more than itself, can so badly, because the scaffold structure according to the force, to a large extent than itself under a lot of weight. And there is a certain point is scaffolding installed on the disassembly is very convenient, only need to set only according to the connection, disassembly is simple, steel according to the order will be removed, after deposit scaffold is also more convenient, can be put in ventilated, dry place. Scaffolding used relative to the project in the use of machinery and equipment, it is very economic, scaffolding processing is simple, use cost low, greatly reduce the cost of construction. So using hand or use aluminum alloy scaffolding, because aluminum alloy scaffolding is very suitable for professional scaffolding structures. Customizable work highly accessories. Subway high-altitude working choose purchase aluminum alloy scaffolding, when we are in the use of scaffold, must pay attention to grasp certain ego to protect consciousness and protective consciousness, so that when we encounter emergencies will have certain response, rather than at sea. Scaffolding ultra limit, limit, baffle, complete safety lock need to be effective, content of each function requirements. Wind more than six of the sky, rain, fog and other bad, it is forbidden to scaffold into their lessons. ( 1) Socket frame allows larger load shall not exceed the cow/per square meter, are strictly prohibited to pile up on scaffolding materials, personnel shall not stay focused. ( 2) Jack up and down two step scaffolding, need to be covered, paving, fixed firmly. When not in ceiling next to hung level architecture. Two steps should be set up and down two insulation column, vertical hanging close eye, lateral horizontal pole spacing with meters advisable. ( 3) Jack ascension or land, you should use tower crane hoisting machinery, such as need using lifting on the card, it is forbidden to anyone standing on the shelf with lifting shelf. ( 4) Socket frame shall not exceed two studio buildings, shall not exceed 8 meters long, width must be less than 1 meter. Steel pipe assembly pin frame, the vertical pole spacing shall not be greater than 2 meters, large and small surface shall be inclined support; Welding socket frame, finalize the design frame of poling, the stud spacing shall not be greater than m, bedding face to set bracing. Subway scaffolding generally use aluminum alloy scaffolding as mobile service platforms, mobility, quick assembly, meet the demand of the subway.
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