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by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Because the subway is now in major cities has to some things, today I want to say is, our protagonist subway scaffolding. When the workers to build large buildings, our main characters scaffold has been put into use. As the construction industry, as a kind of construction scaffolding tools, can effectively protect the safety of construction personnel. Why is it so easy, so building and subway construction does not need to transport material, the same as before and can build on the scaffold? The material can be used at any time. Such as traffic, road and bridge, mining and other departments have also been widely used. Subway scaffolding installation basic requirements first base should be smooth, using beam aperture plate erection, for big nail cushion base of wood application. Then the stud connectors should be staggered, namely layered rod should be longer. 1. 8 m and 3. 0 m vertical bar staggered, use 1 at the top. 8 m pole, two for the length of the rod to leveling them to the top. 3, 65 cm from the wall very appropriate. 4, should strictly control the perpendicularity of stud. Control standard is 2 meters height deviation and 2 cm height deviation. 5, the scaffolding installation to three storeys high, USES the theodolite detection level of horizontal and vertical stem of verticality, loose and check whether the stud base or open circuit. 6, big brace, to strengthen the overall stiffness and bearing ability of scaffold relations shall be in accordance with the provisions set 1. 8 m * 1. 8 m, should not be deleted. When the result of the operation, need to temporarily remove the need for strict control at the same time to remove the root, and then the number of fashion. Subway mobile scaffolding series mobile scaffolding series by hd 1004 international safety and quality inspection. In the technology design and production of Chinese and foreign cooperation and achieved GS certification, national standards for each work flat pallet average 272 kg, 900 kg of large load. Strict test. Tengda subway scaffolding advantage is easy to transport and construction, in addition to a group can be used alone, can also be used to form a large structural escalator stairs, construction sites and other places, aluminium alloy lightweight, durable. Vertical ladder frame, increase the working space, shorten construction time. Build platform response to the needs of the aluminum frame of the height of the different position all kinds of accessories to meet different engineering needs.
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