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The subway scaffolding - should choose what kind of the scaffold The company dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizh

by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Subway scaffolding mostly underground, part belongs to the tunnel project, part of the ground operation, because this project need a larger quantity of scaffolding, some of the contractor in order to save costs, will directly with the method of lease, factory not only for material also free custom construction plan, thus high economic benefit, save time and effort, complete engineering work efficient. Subway scaffolding in construction process if need after viaduct, at the time of the ground floor area is less than using attached type cantilever erection method, can stabilize security high-altitude operations, and can reduce the use of high construction equipment, such as tower crane and other large equipment. By this time the subway scaffolding to choose according to the working condition of the scaffold, to consider bearing, safety, convenience and adaptability to choose, working condition of the subway is what is likely to be encountered. The subway as a city of transportation, its safety natural need not say more, so in the process of building concern has a lot of, of preventing collapse is the key that cannot be ignored. Scaffolding must be added in the process of using MATS, floor MATS below first covered with a layer of solid wood, increase the force area can also help the whole tower fast moving, just put the adjustable casters in the process of moving brake can be set up, greatly improve the working efficiency. There are straight up and down two gym climbing and inclined to choose, straight ladder hanging on both sides of the scaffold, homework personnel within the scaffold, to avoid tilt, inclined ladder is connected on both sides of the ladder, the peace of the stairs special similar, all the design of the aluminum alloy with AoTuGan antiskid drop. If it is in a relatively narrow work space, single width can meet the requirements of subway construction, the opposite can use double wide frame. After completion of erection of the whole tower should be on the top of the fence post the same installation board to increase the loading area. In the subway construction belongs to the category of live working, so it is important to note when erection of scaffolding and the minimum distance of transmission line, should not be less than the specified value. If it is a inevitable choice of insulation under scaffolding, insulating gloves and labor insurance shoes for operation, to ensure safety. Tengda security company scaffolding often supply zhongjian group, has rich experience in metro building engineering. Little knowledge of safety: when the tube scaffold instability of avoid by all means mandatory aerial work at that time. Aerial work personnel may not be the body to the side, when operation reverse force, first need to set up the wall to ensure safety. Most of the accident was owing to lack of attention to safety of operation, to do well the safety in production, must improve the understanding of safety in production, to observe the safety operation procedures. Above, on the left side of the fastener type are rarely used for large projects, now the subway will generally choose button scaffold, safe and fast. Pictured above on the right
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