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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Must be according to the current industry standard JGJ130 & ndash; 2001年,J84— 2001 'technical specification for construction fastener type steel pipe scaffold safety scaffolding up down, use, acceptance and inspection. Attached scaffold must be Shanghai construction DGJ08 & ndash; 905 - 99 'technical specification' construction adhesive lifting scaffolding safety to build, use, acceptance and checking. All scaffolding must first prepare special construction plan, the company technical department approval rear can conduct the erection work. Fundamental part must be carried out prior to scaffolding, survey and acceptance, to ensure the foundation bearing capacity can satisfy the requirement of scaffold height setting, foundation reinforcement parts must be concealed engineering acceptance. Scaffolding, personnel must be tested and approved by the Shanghai labor department training, obtains the operation card rear can mount guard, poppet and other special types of scaffolding, researchers also must have a scaffolder working certificate, issued by the Shanghai construction and validation replicated on a regular basis. Scaffolding, acceptance of the work in every stage, every erection of 3 & ndash; Step 5 for an acceptance, enter the stage of decoration to conduct a comprehensive inspection acceptance, after acceptance must be listed. Hoisting frame and other special types on the basis of the acceptance of scaffolding in itself, also must be tested to build appoint inspection departments, obtain certification rear can officially opened. Projects department every ten days to organize a scaffold for regular safety inspection of the project safety supervisor don't regularly for the scaffold inspection tour and organize relevant personnel to carry on the special inspection, the builder must continuously to date construction house bugle call scaffold inspection, found the problem to solve immediately processing, must not leave any legacy problems and hidden dangers. Set-up is experienced and qualified scaffold, shall be the responsibility of the set-up team is handed over to the construction personnel for use and maintenance, and hand over formalities, acceptance signed by both sides. Once after the handover, the builder must be assigned personnel to inspect maintenance of scaffolding, ensure the safety of the scaffold. Scaffolding demolition, the project department must send on-site monitoring, management and monitoring recorded in detail. * * * * in jiangsu province construction group co. , LTD. ( * *)
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