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The template scaffold specialized contracting grade qualification standard - Haiyang city hot galvanizing plate buckles scaffold - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer

by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Haiyang city hot galvanizing plate buckles scaffold contact phone number: 1842015031022. 22 1 qualification standards. 1. 1 enterprise asset net worth 4 million yuan of above. 22. 1. 2 major personnel ( 1) Technical director has 8 years working experience, engaged in engineering construction technology management and engineering sequence intermediate title; Structure, mechanical, electrical and other professional intermediate above title personnel not less than five people. ( 2) Hold post certificate of construction site management personnel shall not be less than 10 people, and the builder, security officer, mechanical part is complete. ( 3) By the examination and training qualified templates work, such as scaffolder technology workers are no less than 20 people. ( 4) Technical director chair finish this category engineering performance of not less than two. 22. 2 scope of contracted projects can undertake all kinds of templates, design, production, installation and construction of the scaffold. Haiyang city hot galvanizing plate buckles scaffold
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