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The template support and scaffolding collapse accident cause analysis - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shi

by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
1 a, construction safety technology problem, formwork support system problems ( 1) , bar spacing is too big, no bracing bridging role in enhancing scaffolding the overall carrying capacity is very big, in setting bracing support structure for both, vertical bracing support structure into a closed body, can greatly improve the overall stiffness of the support structure, which can greatly improve the bearing capacity of support. Horizontal bracing set in the upper contributed more to support structure stability bearing capacity. Bracing must perform the jaw and support structure. ( 2) No sweeping bar, formwork support, and reliable connection of the structures. Don't set the sweeping rod support structure nonlinear stability bearing capacity of about 15% lower than setting rod sweeps the floor and therefore have to sweep pole set. 2, concrete pouring process problems should be symmetrical pouring concrete in construction process, casting first column, beam and slab after casting. Second, the formwork supports system components quality problem of wall thickness, specification eyeball is 48. 3 * 3. 6. 。 And is generally 3 on the market. About 0. Our plan should be carried out in accordance with the actual thickness of steel pipe calculation lever. Three, the construction safety management responsibility for security question 1, the construction unit does not implement, security management does not reach the designated position, 1) The deficiency in the safety plan establishment, technical disclosure does not reach the designated position. Special solution is not serious, establishment content copied from improper procedures, using reference procedures, calculation model do not tally with the actual erection and stability design and calculation error, etc. ( 2) Illegal operation, construction personnel, not according to the construction scheme in construction site & other; With experience, no problem & throughout; Thoughts prevailed. Construction workers on the construction scheme and technical clarificaiton requirements not earnestly implement, follow one's inclinations the use and the erection of scaffolding, causing the template support system stability and bearing capacity can't meet the requirements. ( 3) , lack of site safety management, special operations personnel do not qualify safety management personnel configuration is insufficient, the erection of scaffolding not hold special operations personnel qualification certificate. ( 4) Inadequate safety and reduce the security level did not reduce the engineering cost, did not buy the qualified materials. 2, supervision unit fails to fulfill its responsibility, to the project supervision, inadequate supervision unit for lack of supervision on the construction site, discovered in the engineering of the safe hidden trouble fails to stop and report in a timely and effective manner, or the site supervision engineer do not understand technical standards. 3, homework personnel safety consciousness, safety education and training does not reach the designated position 4 illegal contract, the construction unit 4, 1, strict construction safety precaution plan compiling audit, supervision of construction units shall be in strict accordance with the housing and urban-rural development of the greater danger division component project safety management method '( Built 2009 - No. 87) The relevant requirements, preparation, construction safety plan review and approval of the argument. 2, strengthen the safety management of set-up process template construction formwork support build-up must by holding construction of special operation certificate yes scaffolder. Before the erection, construction unit safety technical disclosure. The erection process, the construction unit shall be in strict accordance with the template design and special plan implementation, assign a process monitoring, quality of bracing, even the wall of a security key nodes such as acceptance, and fill in the acceptance record. After completion of erection, must by the construction unit project technical director, project general supervision engineer acceptance signature, safe and reliable confirmation before allowing pouring concrete. Template removal, must be confirmed after the concrete strength to meet the design requirements. 3, construction enterprise should earnestly implement the safety production liability construction enterprise earnestly implement the management of production safety, fully equipped with safety management. Regular safety checks, eliminate safety hidden trouble. To strengthen production safety training education work, earnestly implement the tertiary education system, and improve staff safety awareness and skills, put an end to violation operation, prevent accidents. To strengthen the safety management of subcontractors, forbidden project subcontract to do not have safety production license service team, in the subcontract define safety management responsibility of the various units, and regular inspection, the inspection, it is strictly prohibited to escrow. 4, supervision unit should strengthen the site safety management, carefully perform the duty of a safety supervision supervision units with corresponding personnel. To strengthen the safety management work, supervise and urge the construction unit safety management personnel in place, rite. We need to key link, the key work in the construction process of supervision work station. To timely inspect the site safety situation, found that for any violation and security hidden danger ordered related units rectification, rectification to refus, timely report the competent department of the government.
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