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The thief climb into the late at night in the home owner stolen - but the scaffold Jiangsu light scaffolding construction process - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer specially

by:Shizhan     2020-08-25
Light scaffolding construction process in shenzhen contact number: 18420150310 recently, the reporter received a downtown bund a number to call from the village resident, said his home was a burglar in 16th of this month, the middle of the night, thousands of yuan in cash were stolen, the residents of their living safety concerns. Reporters came to the bund to one village, find the fact, ms xie, her family lived in a building on the fourth floor, recalled the experience of the night, says ms xie to think of it is dying. 16, said ms xie, when more than 4 o 'clock in the morning, her son to call her, tell her not to go out, your bedroom door locked up quickly, the home into the thief. That night the thief into ms xie family, looking for some kind of, in the sitting room is to enter the master bedroom, awakened ms xie's son. Ms xie's son found the thief entered the house, hurriedly called the mother quietly lock the bedroom door, a family of four was so scary for a night. Early in the morning the family opened the bedroom door find a mess in the home, purse a total of around $5000 cash was looted. According to ms xie, recalls the night before going to bed, she has checked all the doors and Windows, determine all close after sleep, but unexpectedly, the thief can dive into the home. After a check, the path of the ms xie found a burglar. Originally the thief from a small area on the first floor of merchants set up scaffolding climbed up, and then turn came in from outside of the window. After the incident, ms xie contacted residential property, hope to property, let the first floor of the merchants to dismantle scaffold as soon as possible, eliminate safety hidden trouble. It has been two days, the scaffold is still not removed. With ms xie worry, reporters found a residential property, property manager, said the resident stolen in the home, they are also the first time and the first floor of the merchants, and strengthen the power of community security. The reporter understands, in ms xie stolen that night in the home, the neighborhood, there are other tenants also has stolen, loss of nearly ten thousand yuan in cash and jewelry value. Reporter then find the merchants on the ground floor of the boss, he promised to the reporter, will be completed as soon as possible, remove the scaffolding. It also security wake-up call for everybody, now the thief is pervasive, over the wall, distillation is a pipe can be unarmed along the climb up, much guarding really leave you, lock all doors and Windows must be locked at night. At the same time, the village of similar to install a scaffold convenient climbing, also must pay attention to retention, unattended, don't give the thief away. Deyang broadcast television reporter Yang Xianlong light shenzhen scaffolding construction process
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