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The ubiquity of jiangsu scaffold

by:Shizhan     2020-09-29

Now more and more project work involves aerial work, so that the scaffold is an indispensable tool. We often see the scaffolding in construction site, such as the workers turn masonry wall, decorate a room, install droplight, etc. , all need in next to the erection of scaffolding, to note is that pile construction materials are not allowed to long-distance transport. Normally jiangsu scaffold can be divided into the ground, cantilever, hanging, adherent lifting four basic forms. There is also a Ken are combined. (1) scaffold is also a common scaffold on floor, floor type scaffold construction outside the building on the ground. Poling bearing capacity is limited, compared to large amount of material consumption, takes a long time, so normally, floor type scaffold erection height control under 40 m. The workers in the construction of the brick structure of the building, floor type scaffold could be used artificial building, decoration and protection; During the construction of multilayer frame structure, the console scaffold mainly for decoration and protection purposes. (2) cantilever scaffold are common scaffolding. Buildings on the outside of the cantilever structure, can put the scaffolding load in whole or in part to the structure. Useful steel cantilever supporting structure under triangle truss support structure of welding production and wire rope suspension live level sections with diagonal structure of two kinds of main forms. Set-up double exclusion of scaffolding on the cantilever structure is the same as the console scaffold, the height of the segmental cantilever scaffold general control within 25 m. The form of scaffolding for decoration and protection, the application in the high-rise buildings in the downtown need to be fully enclosed construction, to prevent falling objects.                                

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