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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Aluminum alloy scaffolding application is very extensive, in daily life, we can see everywhere aluminum alloy scaffolding used by more and more operators, small sites and retail stores to household decorate condole top, big to high-altitude maintenance work and building exterior walls and are used in aluminum alloy scaffolding, can help to nearly every aspect of life. Aluminum alloy scaffolding material because of its strong and lightweight, can not only save manpower and time cost of building, more can ensure life safety of construction work. Shenzhen Dr Tengda ladder design production of fast loading type aluminum alloy scaffolding overall adopts modular design, structures, simple process, no other small scattered parts, 2 - 3 m height of a person can easily complete set operation. Building height is free combination, such as large complex building sites, Dr Scaffolding will create professional building construction plan according to actual demand, with the least amount of money, the lowest cost, achieve the safest, most efficient operation experience. In the complex environment, tengda aluminum alloy scaffolding can perfect response. Like space narrow stairs, floor rugged, not only space is unable to accommodate large electric machinery, common ladder also can't to meet the requirements of more than ten meters high, then use aluminum alloy scaffolding to finish the homework task. At the bottom of the aluminum alloy scaffolding are equipped with a scalable trundle compression wear-resisting, easily adjust the height, keep the scaffolding overall level. Aluminum alloy scaffolding material lightweight high build difficult problem. More than ten meters high altitude if using steel pipe scaffold, labor costs increased greatly, the erection and dismantling time will extend for several times. Project time long to stop using such issues, not only conducive to maintain the company image of the customers' mind, more delay blowing profitable business opportunity. Aluminum alloy scaffolding weight light, only 1/3 of the steel pipe scaffold, moving up and down the assembly is convenient, one layer can be easily completed. Assembly design, the required components classify logo is clear, beginners can learn and skilled operation in five minutes. Aluminum alloy as a new type of scaffolding, scaffolding material and use than steel pipe scaffold, is a good helper of engineering construction good partners. Dr Ladder aluminum alloy scaffolding is shenzhen safety civilization construction standard, let you have a standard can depend on, have a safe and reliable. Application scenarios without limitations limitation, stair, indoor, stadiums, Bridges, construction site, sand, subway, tunnel, high building, underground engineering, etc. , can be the perfect response. Shenzhen tengda aluminum alloy scaffolding, big brand manufacturers, industry leading enterprises.
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