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The use of aluminum alloy truss stage range is relatively wide - Jiangsu city Shizhan Truss co. , LTD

by:Shizhan     2020-06-17
Stage of aluminum alloy truss using range is wide, such products are mainly used in connection in performance can be very good, for we also would like to choose this product. The characteristics of aluminum truss is tempered glass or laminated glass? How thick? Next, we will discuss the material properties of commonly used truss stage, for your selection. To introduce the following products: steel frame stage features: the glass was broken into similar cellular obtuse Angle of small particles, will not cause significant harm to human body. Bending strength, the bending strength of toughened glass is common glass 3 - commonly 5 times. The safety factor of toughened glass is higher than ordinary tempered glass. After crushing, there would be no debris, but the whole together, very safe. Aluminum truss prices slightly higher than the same thickness of ordinary tempered glass, glass co. , LTD. Hangzhou bai stage choose high quality safety glass manufacturers to cooperate. This phase truss has the following characteristics: good weather resistance, acid-proof alkaline, without the yellow, or by hydrolysis; Long service life, better than other materials and products more than 3 years long; Good pervious to light, can amount to 92% above, light intensity is small, managing electric energy; Impact resistant capability is strong, 16 times that of ordinary glass, suitable for installation in need special safety; Insulation performance is good, suitable for all kinds of electrical equipment; Light weight, lighter than common glass half, small building bears the load and support; Colour is gorgeous, high brightness, is unmatched by other materials; Plasticity, shape change is big, easy to processing molding, high recovery rate, by the increasing environmental protection consciousness. Its quality is very good, because its raw material is aluminium alloy, so it is in the above quality is very good, there won't be any problem in use process, for we have such products can reduce maintenance time. Third, the use of this product is very convenient, don't need to spend too much time, for the user to save time, is very good, in the use of such products worthy of our choice.
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