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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen longgang scaffolding in high homework more than 2 meters and fall, called high homework. 。 High operation using fixed scaffolding, scaffold platform should be laid airport edge should be set height not less than 1. 2 m protective railings. 。 Hanging from the dam crest, steep slope, roof, cliff, electric pole and tower, suspension bridge, the risk such as scaffolding, should be in the airport surface erection of safety protective railings. 。 Shenzhen tengda security technology and drainage plate buckles type fastener type ShanJia and aluminum alloy scaffolding steel pipe scaffold, all can sell rent, welcome to consultation. Should rise along with the rise of buildings, the height is not more than 3 m. In the outside is higher than the inside of the 0. 5 m, face long straight and fixed on the fixed frame or fixed ring. Level 6 and above when winds up homework is prohibited. 。 Scaffold height more than 25 m and special parts of the scaffolding, should be designed and be submitted to the construction unit ( Supervision) Set-up and approval, technical clarificaiton rear can use. 。 Scaffolding sweep lever at the bottom of the foot, horizontal bar, about 20 ~ 30 cm from the ground, scaffolding each node should be reliable connection, tight, each bar connector end length should be greater than 10 m, to prevent the slide bar. Bracing diagonal and horizontal plane intersection Angle should be between 45 ° ~ 60 °, and horizontal projection should not be less than 2 or 4 m, width is not more than 4 or 8 m. The joint of scaffolding and slope should be set even wall bar, every 18 m set a point, even the wall bar vertical spacing should be 4 m or less. Shenzhen longgang scaffold will be useful. Shenzhen longgang scaffolding common security tools plastic helmet check test cycle: once a year. Seat belts: check test cycle should be inspection before each use; One year after the new belt use sampling inspection; Old with batch test once every six months. Ann check test cycle: once a year, appearance check before each use. High homework should be set up according to regulations, international airport workers use seat belts should hang on solid objects or reliable safety rope, safety belt are strictly forbidden to low hanging high. Seat belt safety rope tied to should not be more than 3 m. Plastic safety helmet inspection test cycle: once a year. 。 Seat belt check test cycle: every time before the use should check; One year after the new belt use sampling inspection; The old belt spot test every 6 months. 。 Security testing cycle: once a year, for appearance inspection before each use. 。 Should be in accordance with the provisions, use your seat belt, the operator to use seat belts should be hung on solid objects or hung on the reliable safety rope, low in shenzhen longgang scaffold was strictly prohibited. 。 A seatbelt safety rope should not exceed 3 meters.
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