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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Should be in before scaffolding, pop up on the basis of vertical pole position line, and according to the size of the design right plate, base was laid. Scaffold made of bamboo and wood pole should be buried, is strictly prohibited without set-up console scaffold on the compaction of backfill soil. Vertical rod should be vertical steady on the metal base or stow-wood, stud, longitudinal rod joint should be staggered. Fastener type steel pipe scaffold connection must use fastener and screw down the bolt, binding with other material is prohibited. Erection of scaffold materials should be consistent, it is strictly prohibited to steel material and wood or bamboo qualitative material and different specifications material mixing. Scaffolding set-up, must cooperate with construction schedule should be not more than a build-up of adjacent wall more than a step or two. Began to take to set up the rod, should every 6 set across a brace, until the wall after installation of solid, can according to the situation. When connected to have even a point in the construction of the wall in the build-up of the stud finished here, longitudinal and transverse horizontal pole, should immediately set even a wall. Highly under 24 m single and double row scaffolding, must be in the outside facade, setting a bracing is at each end of the bracing of the width is not less than 4 cross and no more than 6 across, and should not be less than 6 m, diagonal Angle with the ground should be between 45 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, and should be from bottom to top row set; Height in more than 24 m double row scaffolding shall continuously on the lateral vertical to the entire length and height, set up the scissors. Appropriate USES 1:6, gradient and 5 m; Pedestrian chute width should not be less than 1 m, slope appropriate USES l: 3; The turning the platform should be set up and its width should be not less than the width of the ramps. Ramps on bamboo or wooden planks should be every 250 ~ 300 mm set a non-slip batten, non-slip batten thickness appropriate for 20 ~ 30 mm. Job shop layer scaffold board should be covered, steady, leave the metope of 120 ~ 150 mm, can not have gaps and probe plate; When using stamping steel scaffold board, wood planks, bamboo string of scaffolding, should be set on the three lateral horizontal bar. When scaffold board length less than 2 m, can adopt two lateral horizontal rod bearing, but its reliable fixed on both ends of the scaffolding, should be protected from tilting. When using bamboo basketry scaffold board, longitudinal rod should be equally spaced Settings, space should not be greater than 400 mm. Stamping steel scaffolding, bamboo wooden planks and string piece of scaffolding lap, lap length shall not be less than 200 mm; Butt joint should be set up double row of lateral horizontal rod bearing, two lateral horizontal pole spacing is not more than 200 mm. In the corner shelf scaffold board should cross lap. Cushion flat scaffold board application block, and should be fixed and firm, not brick pad. Bamboo bamboo basketry plate should be according to its main reinforcement perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of rod laid, and USES the docking tile, four angles used 14 galvanized steel wire is fixed on the longitudinal bar. Scaffolding rod, ramps and platform limb stood outside of the rod inside, should establish two protective railings, railing on epithelial height is 1200 mm. Under the rail center set, block feet high and 180 mm high, and hanging federated eye network. Federated eye network, on the edge of the first ring clasp 14 steel wire should be adopted with the scaffold longitudinal bar binding and firm, there shall not be below the gap, and the longitudinal bar above if you have clearance shall not be greater than 100 mm, net margin, all eyes ring should be binding and firm, not form a gap.
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