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by:Shizhan     2020-08-22
Scaffolding is divided into heavy scaffolding, external scaffolding, internal scaffolding, scaffold for aluminum alloy or fiberglass scaffold, the aluminum alloy scaffolding, easy to install and durable. Because of the scaffold has fence all around, and the height of 1 meter, can be allowed on the train again work area for repair or construction, can minimize fall risk involved in the project. Actually, aluminum alloy scaffolding is suitable for various kinds of industrial purposes, such as picking, workplaces, narrow channel, etc. With a variety of different height and slope. Foldable to save space and do not take up too much space. Scaffolding as a makeshift and provide aerial work platform, accessories including guardrail, toe boards or other protective devices and all the fixtures, but does not include lifting equipment. The main insulation by wheel and rubber plug, intensifier used for stability, so work on any electrical equipment, can be shock. Scaffold could provide additional four thirds / 2 m cascade framework, to adapt to the working level. For the sake of convenience and practicability of the work, each scaffold ladder is optional, which has two kinds of straight crawl and oblique. The design of the hands and feet frame height is very high, can be used in the roof, ceiling or wall engineering, also can be used for the dry wall, paint, electrical and architectural engineering, is a reliable method to get the job done. In the aspect of maintenance, aluminum scaffolding needs very little maintenance. And steel need to be careful to avoid corrosion/rust, especially in high humidity area, the difference of weight saved on-site installation and disassembly time, and make the components of transportation easier and more cost-effective. Aluminum alloy scaffolding in addition to being able to provide a few meters high convenient work platform. Also can firmly in over 40 layer of high-rise buildings, however, does not use the ladder! Due to the scaffold has a large working platform, platform surrounded by 1 meter high fence surrounded, greatly improving the security. Really qualified products are before practical through systematic test and the third party approval rear can be practical.
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