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The viaduct scaffolding demolished - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan safety technology

by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
High importance for safe use of scaffolding h I f bridge are clear, we r I t to introduce below on hand e z viaduct foot Ann n all lg use problem, guarantee the normal use of your n. Viaduct scaffolding in rn now real life n w is very common, mainly r because since this q c wz fast development of the society, the improvement of human life, and then g with the progress of science and technology, people's material life level have been wj, e their lives and s residence has a high to a, v so whether real estate big n h construction also is people e d c house building or don't l artificial e x tree name ru is needed to q, this is, of course, without the use of scaffolding, because feet w hands when a plane is a construction worker in the construction need o construction needs. That w? What is a scaffold, we should first understand y, foot j hand frame is oa work now shi s field operation for workers and solve water r and b flat vertical transportation and erection of various yx wearing oym. Build go build generic term, refers to the construction site with decorate in the outer wall, the z or higher storey height cannot bg construction directly. R viaduct scaffolding safety is very important s, e press e I s introduced the use of methods, to ensure the safety of everyone's life. Elevated bridge feet w e hand frame split qg unloading need to conform to the requirements of the Ann m y all of the following: 1) Workers must stand z q need to w t set in temporary scaffolding on demolition m industry. 2) H in the demolition, it is forbidden to make w hit with a hammer and other hard objects gs, pry. Remove the w connecting rod should be put inside the bag, lock arm should be passed to put n r surface and w je indoor storage. 3) Ps I remove even w h a, you should lock on h lock plate and toggle hook u turn lock h position to open l h, and then began to remove, no hard pull k, it is forbidden to knock. 4) Open door frame under the w k, steel pipes and fittings, l should or bundle of p and q mechanical lifting or derrick transmitted to the ground, q check XDB collision prevention, yan p casting.
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