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by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Viaduct scaffold is suitable for advertising, such as traffic, road department. Viaduct scaffolding in some higher operation can effectively protect the personal safety of staff. Because it has the protection of the safety net, and it's material is very strong, can be said to be a double protection. In some hard work to install it? It allows the workers working in different places, the viaduct scaffolding can use specific building materials piled up. Will no longer like the traditional scaffolding, can only get fixed material, after use, pick up is also very troublesome. Just like our viaduct scaffolding, because its construction is convenient, clean, safe, has been widely used in industry. Viaduct the safety and convenience of scaffolding is a kind of widely used the scaffold, it has high stability, compared with the traditional scaffolding, its security is higher. At present, it can see in viaduct and other large buildings, and has been widely used in industry. Our viaduct scaffolding can effectively guarantee the safety of construction personnel, its structure is very stable, equipment is relatively simple, does not require greater maintenance, can also reduce the use of some economic. In addition, the viaduct scaffold can be repeated use, it can greatly reduce the cost of engineering, and do not need too much maintenance when repeated use, just check it. Viaduct scaffolding, scaffold need pay attention to the maintenance of the viaduct is mainly used for viaduct near, convenient climbing up and down or so employees work, but in the process of long-term use, also need maintenance, to avoid the high incidence of accident, and generally require the following items: 1. Bending deformation of bar straightening before they are damaged, repair the damaged components should be rear can put in storage, otherwise should be 2. 。 Use of mobile scaffold ( Including the components) Should be promptly returned to the cost base, and classified storage. 。 When deposited in the open air, field should be level off, good drainage, and shall set up bedding, bedding should be set up and a cloth cover, parts to register. 。 In the room. 3. Tool type viaduct is dismantled scaffold, immediately stop maintenance and maintenance. 。 Stop using the viaduct scaffolding component derusting antirust processing. 。 Humidity is bigger, besmear annually antirust paint, generally two years once. 。 Fasteners should be painted in oil. Bolts should be galvanized anti-rust. 。 Bolts should be cleaned after each use with kerosene, and applied to the coating. Antirust oil. 4. Viaduct scaffolding fasteners, nuts, backplane, bolt and other small accessories are easily lost, what parts should be at the branch connection in time deposit, dismantled should check in time. 。 To sum up, both to avoid the happening of the accident, and is responsible for the construction, make the maintenance of the viaduct scaffolding good maintenance.
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