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There are several scaffold construction after the technical acceptance requirements? - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu sh

by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
Technology acceptance requirements after the scaffold construction with the continuous development of construction, the application and development of scaffolding is becoming more and more popular. The building tool is mainly used to prevent the accidents, so it is necessary to pay attention to the scaffold installation specification. So, after construction acceptance criteria should be? Under small sums up several acceptance point 1, scaffolding basic processing, practice, embedding depth need to be accurate and reliable 2, shelf arrangement, vertical bar decorate, horizontal bar spacing should meet the requirements of 3, bracket setting and assembly, including the selection of frame and the key points, should meet the requirements of 4, connect the wall point or fixed part of the structure should be a safe and reliable; Scissors support, brace should meet the requirements of 5, scaffolding safety protection, safety devices should be effective; Fastening degree of fastening should conform to 6, article, scaffolding hoisting equipment, steel wire rope, derrick installation should be safe and reliable, such as scaffolding laid should comply with the above requirement, is about the scaffold need acceptance standard after installation, please do not hesitate to contact our company. According to understand, shenzhen tengda security often have raised environmental technical renovation project or scheduled maintenance, you need to use to the scaffold. Scaffolding structures, it is by a qualified outside the unit responsible for, but the enterprise internal personnel safety acceptance of scaffold is also very important, the scaffold of acceptable quality not guaranteed, there is a security risk. In order to improve equipment management personnel at all levels scaffolding specialized knowledge, avoid scaffolding acceptance does not reach the designated position caused the collapse of the security risks, such as the company, organizing the scaffolding acceptance of professional safety knowledge training. As a teacher training invited professionals, focusing on the scaffold which aspects should pay attention to how to acceptance, acceptance of professional interpretation. Training fully combined with the actual, strong professional, targeted, and the culture of the people out the answers to all questions from the scene, promoted all scaffolding acceptance level of knowledge. http://www。 tendasz。 com/? article_4 /
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