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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
At present, there are two kinds of materials market sales of stents, a bracket is door, the other is a ladder scaffold. Size of stent was so popular that is decided by its performance characteristics. First of all, the size of stent have a wide range of USES: indoor and outdoor decoration, billboards, Bridges, buildings, overpass, bridge, tunnel, dam construction, power plants, the external and interior decoration projects, as well as achieve various performance stage, temporary framework of visual platform, support, etc. Sales promotion, assembly, disassembly and transportation and convenient. Third, support economic and practical, low price, small footprint, with long time. If well maintained, reusable above 30 times. Then, the ladder support, reliable, joint locking ability is good, the series of standardization. General good performance: equipped with pedals, parallel to the frame, ring inside of the pipe, horizontal and cross-section rods and other vertical and horizontal locking device. Lift is reasonable: elevator and vertical pressure directly, every performance index can meet the construction requirements. Good fire resistance, all of the main frame and accessories are all steel products. Bracket: refers to the buildings and equipment around the scaffold outside the walls of the building. Indoor stents: refers to the set in the construction scaffolding as my support, each layer and equipment within the clean decoration ( Container) 。 Scaffolding classification: the lateral stents, stent and complete etc. There are several methods: single row, double row, row, full, round, Around) , special type, according to adjust the shape. Full support: refers to the interior ceiling installation and working face, a Derek format support. It is mainly used for decoration at the top of the large building, exhibition hall, gymnasium, etc. It consists of longitudinal rod, shaft, twill, scissors, etc, bracket has two kinds: a kind of is mainly used for personnel management platform. Functional model is mainly used to load the ring. Computational load must be checked and rotation of the support frame.
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