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Things to note in using the stage

by:Shizhan     2020-03-25
Chroma: unified root The aluminum alloy stage profile Guanghua should be consistent. If the color difference is significant, it is not suitable for purchase. Measures for cracks between the five-door frame and the wall. Unified coordination instructions from the life training unit. Anti-erosion measures for doors and windows. Negotiate with the designers and supervisors when there is a problem, make it clear in advance, and keep the contents of the discussions in a good record. 3 Bounce the center line of the door and the indoor 50mm line according to the size required by the drawing. The axis of the conical top core in the flaring era should be consistent with the axis of the specimen. The bending indenter diameter shall be in accordance with requirements, and the width of the bending indenter shall be greater than the width or diameter of the specimen. Sound insulation performance: The crack sealing level of aluminum and plastic steel is consistent, and its sound insulation performance is also consistent. The section 7 test statement shall be in accordance with the supply test statement. Reducing energy consumption, reducing situational pollution, and saving limited capital are a very important and urgent mission facing countries today. 2 Sealing material Sealing material adjoining parts, etc. shall be appropriately designed to reduce the relevant dimensions. Flatness: search the profile of aluminum alloy stage profiles, there should be no depressions or drums. Organize the construction workers to work overtime according to the schedule of the production capacity of the processing and production line. -4 implementation, except for aluminum tooth opening size. 4 Move the platen along the purpose perpendicular to the pipe axis to perform the flattening test. The length of the specimen should not be less than but not across. Specimen width The specimen width shall be in accordance with the requirements of the relevant scale product. 44 times single frame double. The pressure plate should be sufficiently rigid. In general, use metal expansion screws, cement nails (commonly used in the openings of brick wall structures), plastic expansion anchor screws or nails to fix the auxiliary adjoining iron parts of the door form at the ink line position of the opening. The main reason for this problem is that the lock is not in place: one is the use of inferior locks; the other is the rendering error in the safety, and the sash is not in place. Aluminium alloy stage door The durability of the aluminum alloy stage is good, but because of the length of the gong nails and the material of the guide rail, the practice of aluminum metal has proven that electrolytic corrosion will occur. To comply with this requirement, the forging process should be further optimized and new alloy materials should be developed. The project department set up a safety officer to be responsible for the safety work at the scene. . The specifications and dimensions of aluminum pipe products are based on the paper information provided by the craft department, and the allowable errors are referenced. The aluminum alloy stage door plug seam is only installed with cement mortar and the outer frame has no other waterproof technology. The own frame is riveted, cracked and easy to leak water. An expanded test method for determining the capability of a plastic machine with a circular cross-section is delineated. This standard applies to the outer diameter without crossing (the outer diameter of non-ferrous metal pipes does not span. The width of the pressure plate should span the width of the flattened sample, that is at least For. 1 After the frame is fixed, the predecessor should hide the cracks between the door frame and the wall according to the design requirements in real time after passing the acceptance check of the project. The welding of the welded pipe should be placed in the relevant designated position. If the design is sometimes performed according to the design If there is no special design, apply anti-corrosion asphalt paint on the sides of doors and windows at the construction site, or set up a protective cloth to protect the aluminum profile at the side of the frame that is in contact with the wall. The construction and installation of doors and windows should be strictly in accordance with the construction specifications. And design. The direct contact of the drainage holes of the aluminum alloy stage with the indoor can not prevent the rain water from pouring. Overview of the color. Selection should be based on the size of the window hole and the local wind pressure value. The measures for cracks on the door and window frames and the wall should be implemented in a deliberate and timely manner if the design is regular, and if the design does not specify the jointing material, the cement mortar should be filled outdoors. It is necessary to search and check the protruding size and function of the casement and the overhanging window. The edges of the specimen may be rounded or rounded with a file or other method. All the broken bridge insulation vacuum glass is non-fogging for five years in winter. The test track is exceptionally reminded that the test process should adopt adequate safety methods and protection methods. The length of the pressure plate should not be less than the length of the sample. Plastic profiles can also be colorful. The horizontal position of door 2 should be measured upwards and downwards along the horizontal line of the 50th line in the floor room to be straight. . The dimensions and quality of the raw materials delineated by this specification are normal search items, and the mechanical analysis of chemical composition is extraordinary search items.
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