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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
HSE - 01 - 04 - 35 - C01 first. Application unit to apply for related units, construction units or year month day operation time of the region points to year month day job site job content risk identification risk reduction measures qualification ( 〇/报; ) Production risk 1 'no construction plan for the feasible construction plan 2 unlicensed operation lead to personal injury operation certificate 3 people working must hold special bad work environment scaffold from power facilities to maintain a safe distance from four areas have other productive operation avoid cross operation, 5 involving other homework when necessary to stop the work not related operation ticket shall deal with the high security operation ticket and other risk reduction measures: application, head of the unit operation signature: job risk 1 homework personnel not clear job content to ensure that all workers have accepted construction technical clarificaiton 2 unqualified use of qualified steel pipe scaffold materials, scaffolding, fasteners, fittings and so on three irrelevant personnel to enter areas set warning zone, the operators are off-limits 4 without acceptance use scaffolding scaffolding, finished, acceptance must be listed to use labor protection articles 5 don't mind hard hat and goggles all mind against the splash and protective shoes/portable gas detector mind since the back type air respirator and welding helmets/gloves/belt/editor/earplugs to escape; Other: other risks and reduction measures: the construction unit responsible: job preparation: I am more than content have been read, and have clear job content and requirements of safety protection, ready for operation. Homework personnel name type of work is the holder's name name type (type of work is the holder of care workers Post) Homework: I have been alive to the danger of possible this assignment, and has set up a ensure that develop and implement the relevant safety measures. , head of the construction unit or leadership opinion: year month day points when the relevant unit: year month day points to apply for the unit head of opinion: year month day points to apply for the unit leadership opinion: year month day time points when the completion acceptance: year month day, head of the points to apply for the unit operation signature: note: 1, identify, and cuts that people in implementing item of author, before implementing a painting & times; 2, the operation ticket storage life is one year
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