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by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Built aluminum alloy scaffolding demolished to requirements, such as 18 meters aluminum alloy scaffolding to be dismantled, first what to do, what to do after. Step wrong, otherwise it will lead to unexpected things happen. ___________ before demolition of aluminum alloy scaffolding, team members need to have a clear division of labor, unified command, to focus in the process of operation, shall not be look in all directions and joke, need not when to fit into a tool bag. Wear personal protective equipment properly this foot should wear soft shoes. Demolition of picking rack to dangerous parts such as seat belts. 3. Before dismantling scaffolding, should be set up around the fence or warning signs, traffic artery in custody by designated personnel, ban people inside. 4. Strictly abide by the demolition of the order, top-down, step by step, not the lower level and at the same time. ⒌ demolition of the big cross bar, bridging aluminum alloy scaffolding, should first open the middle button, then split two clasp, down by the operation of suitable pole, throw down is not allowed. Pictures of dismantle scaffold pole, scaffolding, steel pipes, fasteners and so on materials should go into the transfer or use rope sling, shall not be thrown down shots, lest hurt and unnecessary losses. But had better not to change horses in the middle of the stream in the process of demolition, such as must be substitution, the account should be disabled. ⒏ dismantling process is best not to interrupt, if is really necessary interrupt demolish part processing should be clearly over, and check whether it will collapse, confirmed rear can stop safely. ⒐ scaffold after the demolition of frame should be material classification piled up, stack location to flat, consists of bedding good drainage. Steel class best placed indoor, stacked in outdoor shall be covered. Application of fasteners, bolts and other scattered small component diesel clean packing bag, classified depositing indoor for reuse. ⒑ bending deformation of the steel members should be straightening, damaged to repair in time and brush paint for use, can't repair should focus of scrap processing. 1. 去除铝合金脚手架之前,团队成员应当明确分工,统一指挥,把精力集中在操作过程中,不要环顾四周,笑话,把工具放到袋子当他们不使用工具。 2. 正确佩戴个人防护设备和软底鞋。 安全带应挂在拆卸悬臂等危险的地方。 3. 移除脚手架前,应当设置围栏或警告标志,和特别的人应当在主要交通道路并监督禁止人进入。 4. 严格遵循的顺序,从上到下,一步一步。 是不允许工作的同时上下两层。 5. 删除大横梁和斜撑的铝合金支架,中间扣应删除第一,然后两端扣应删除。 中间运营商应当跑下杆,不得丢下来。 ⒍。 拆除脚手架杆、支架板、钢管、扣件和其他材料转移到支架或用绳索吊,和不被拆毁,以避免人身伤害和不必要的损失。 7. 最好不要改变人员中途在拆迁过程中。 如果有必要改变人员,拆迁的情况应当解释清楚。 8. 最好是不要在拆迁过程中中断。 如果有必要打断,拆除部分办理清楚,并检查是否会崩溃,确认安全后,停止。 9. 脚手架被移除后,支架材料应分类堆放,堆放的地方应平坦,排水和底层的好。 钢应放置在室内和户外掩护下存储。 紧固件、螺栓和其他零星的小部件应当与柴油清洗和包装,并存储在塑料袋以便重用。 10. 应当变直,弯曲和变形钢构件损坏的,应当及时修复和彩绘的重用,和那些不能修理应当取消以集中的方式。
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