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To solve the aluminum alloy fast loading scaffolding question why so many people choose? - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focused on the work high above the flat

by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
If you are using aluminum alloy fast loading scaffolding, then these features are you need to know. Aluminum alloy scaffolding why so many people choose, what should be how to implement. Jim RON mentioned, either you dominate life, either you dominated by life. Although the words is very short, but I try to extrapolate. Now, solve the problems of the aluminum alloy scaffolding why so many people choose, is very, very important. We first to know about the aluminum alloy scaffolding advantage. Advantages: ( 1) Bearing capacity is bigger. When scaffold geometry and structure meet the requirements of the specification, under normal circumstances, the scaffolding of the bearing capacity of single pipe column can reach 15 kn ~ 35 kn ( 5 tf, design value) 。 ( 2) Convenient installation and erection of flexible. Due to the length of steel tube is easy to adjust, fastener connection is simple, and can adapt to all kinds of plane, elevation of buildings and structures in the scaffold. ( 3) Comparing the economy. Processing is simple, a low investment cost; If carefully designed scaffold geometry size, pay attention to improve the steel pipe flow utilization rate, the dosage of material also can obtain good economic effect. Fastener steel pipe frame or steel used quantity is about 15 kg per square meter, and aluminum alloy is much lower than this price. Disadvantages: ( 1) Fasteners ( Especially its screw) Easy to lose; ( 2) Node bar for eccentric connection, passed by sliding resistance load and internal force, and thus reduce its carrying capacity; ( 3) Fasteners node connection quality is affected by fasteners itself quality and operation workers. Adaptability: ( 1) Build all kinds of scaffolding, templates, and other supporting frame; ( 2) Tic-tac-toe frame assembly; ( 3) Erection of the ramp, barrack, stands and other temporary structures; ( 4) For other kinds of scaffolding, strengthen the bar. If you want to know, aluminum alloy fast loading scaffolding, what exactly is a kind of existence. Now, solve the problems of the aluminum alloy fast loading scaffold, is very, very important. Fast loading is the premise of how to improve the ability of scaffolding acid-proof alkaline for scaffolding is welding of high strength aluminum alloy material, because the aluminum itself is one of active metal component, it is easy to acid-base reaction from outside, if it is in the water for a long time, aluminum components will react in water, in order to provide the scaffold stability, the performance of yao's stage technician for the ability of the acid and alkali resistance, oxidation treatment was carried out on the scaffolding, make its surface with a layer of oxide film, to prevent foreign materials on the scaffold corrode action. In order to overcome the aluminum alloy surface hardness and wear resistance of defects, prolong service life, surface treatment technology to become an indispensable part in the aluminum alloy used. Aluminum plate, heat treatment of metal oxide film has changed the surface state and performance, such as surface shading, improve the corrosion resistance and enhance the wear resistance and hardness, protect the metal surface and so on. Aluminum anodic oxidation, for example, the aluminum alloy in corresponding electrolyte ( Such as sulfuric acid, chromic acid, oxalic acid, etc. ) As anode, in certain conditions and that under the influence of impressed current electrolysis. Anode aluminum or its alloy oxide, alumina thin layer is formed on the surface, the thickness is 5 ~ 20 microns, anodic oxidation of aluminum or its alloy and improve its hardness and wear resistance. Above problems are dealt with, fast loading is quick, installation fast loading scaffolding if aluminum alloy aluminum tubes, fasteners are of good quality and is very easy to remove the assembly. 1 - Two people can be quickly assembled a 20 meters high aluminum alloy scaffolding. Is down, then to be removed from above, put good accessories, classification on the warehouse keeper. Because such a simple, fast, so a lot of people choose the aluminum alloy fast loading of scaffolding. Shenzhen tengda scaffolding supplier purchasing aluminum pipe 2. 00 m thickness of the specifications of the processing, than the 1. 6 mm aluminum alloy scaffolding is strong.
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