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truss frame purchase please look at the process

by:Shizhan     2020-05-14
The truss frame, an advertising equipment product used in the field of stage lighting, is one of the necessary equipment for most advertisers to promote their activities. As for advertisers, the purchase of truss racks depends on the price first, and then on other Shizhan truss rack products. The wrong way to purchase truss racks will affect the use of subsequent truss racks? Yes, of course. From the perspective of truss rack manufacturers, the price of truss racks is the sum of profits of truss rack manufacturers on the basis of cost, labor price = labor value. The low price of truss frame is equivalent to the low labor value of truss frame, and it will be discounted in other aspects. On the evening of May 12, in Xudu Park, Xuchang City, Henan Province, a stage of a public welfare event was collapsing with a stage lighting stand. At present, one person has been killed and five others have been injured. In the event of the collapse of the stage light stand, it is the responsibility of the first impression. No one knows who is responsible, but only knows such arrangements, especially the use of truss racks, it must be done well, not sloppy. Shizhan, Jiangsu, as a truss rack manufacturer with 10 years of truss rack production experience, gave the truss rack manufacturer's answer to this stage lighting rack collapse accident: no weight is added, or the weight is not enough, resulting in top-heavy stage lighting rack , A gust of wind came down! Of course, the premise of giving this answer is that the quality of the truss frame is passable and convincing. Perhaps the quality of the Shizhantruss frame in Jiangsu is good, and this factor has been intentionally or unintentionally ignored. In any case, this time the stage lighting rack collapsed, it sounded an alarm for advertisers and truss rack manufacturers; advertisers buy truss racks, do n’t just look at the price, but pay attention to the quality of truss racks; Pay attention to product quality and do not fall into the market quagmire of price war.
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