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Truss is not a scaffold, the two should not be confused

by:Shizhan     2020-05-14
Truss frame and scaffolding are completely unrelated products in people's impression, but many metal products manufacturers often do both. Shizhan truss, as a manufacturer specializing in the production of truss frames, is quite disappointed with this phenomenon, because the art industry has specialization, how can it be used for two purposes. Shizhan truss frame production process: fish scale welding truss frame is a branch product of truss products. It belongs to advertising equipment in function and is used to build large advertising frames, exhibition booths, stage lighting frames; and scaffolding belongs to construction facilities. The difference in functions of the two means that the manufacturing process is different. The manufacturing process of the truss frame requires fine, and the scaffolding is relatively rough. Metal product manufacturers cannot confuse the two together, in addition to different product functions and different uses, there are also reasons for market sales. Generally, customers who purchase truss and scaffolding have very different needs, just as their functions are different. If the manufacturer mixes the two together, there is no obvious distinction between daily publicity activities. Buying a truss frame can't see the scaffold, buying a scaffold and truss frame can mean losing customers. In the art industry, we have specialized in making a line of truss racks. It is natural to specialize in truss racks to make a suitable truss rack product. To satisfy customers, manufacturers can stand in the market. If you need truss racks, please contact Shizhan, a manufacturer who has been engaged in the customization and production of truss racks for many years. The manufacturers have sufficient supply, special car delivery, and support for on-demand production. Welcome to consult and buy.
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