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truss rack purchase: it is cost-effective to buy

by:Shizhan     2020-05-13
Do you buy truss racks in China directly from the manufacturers or lease them? This problem does not exist in truss rack manufacturers, because leasing does not belong to the manufacturer's business. But for consumers, this problem is a problem that cannot be ignored. It is cost-effective and the most convenient for renting truss racks. This demand in the market is not large, but it definitely exists. Because not all customers are willing to spend money to buy it, especially businesses with low frequency of activity, there is no need to buy a truss rack. And this kind of customer is not the target customer of truss frame. The target customers are the consumers who commonly use truss racks, the target customers of truss rack manufacturers, and the daily sales targets of truss rack manufacturers. For example, China Metal Products, as a truss rack manufacturer in China, its sales targets are media, advertising, planning, and wedding companies. For this type of customer, truss rack manufacturers have targeted sales measures and special sales personnel to connect. On the contrary, there are no such requirements for renters' inquiry! Such practices are not new in the truss rack market. Because the truss frame is a kind of truss product, pure leasing is not cost-effective, or even loss-making. No truss manufacturer got water in their heads and was willing to do so. When buying from truss rack manufacturers, how to choose a cost-effective one must be comprehensively analyzed from the aspects of area, price, and craftsmanship, so as to reach a reasonable conclusion, that is, there is no loss in comparison.
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