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truss rack purchase skills: first choose the manufacturer

by:Shizhan     2020-05-13

Generally, aluminum alloy stage lighting racks are built with aluminum alloy truss racks. The truss frame made of aluminum alloy has light weight, high strength, and small footprint. Its construction requirements can be adapted to various indoor and outdoor environments, and it will not damage indoor buildings and furniture. Chen Yixun Jiangsu Concert Light Stand There are a few points to note when purchasing a truss stand. 

The first is to choose the right one; the second is to build. First, choose the right to buy truss rack, most consumers pay attention to the price first. In fact, regarding the price of truss racks, you must understand it when consulting the truss rack manufacturers. According to the specific situation analysis, different types of lighting racks may also have different reliability. Truss frames like Jiangsu Shizhan metal products are more reasonable in price and have better performance in quality. Therefore, it is critical to choose a high-quality lighting stand better, and first determine the price based on quality. Choose the most high-quality truss frame manufacturers, they provide aluminum alloy truss frame prices are very reasonable, and will be better in reliability. 2. Construction In theory, the construction steps of the truss frame are simple, mainly composed of the base, the truss frame, the head, the diagonal brace, the square sleeve, the cross arm, and the hoist (hand-held or electric).

The construction process is as follows:

1.Install the inverted head on the iron base;

2. Place the square sleeve inside the inverted head; 

3. Link all beams to the square sleeve; ; 

Jiangsu Shizhan metal products, professional truss frame manufacturers in short, because truss frame installation is fast, any terrain can be designed and built, storage is very convenient. Conclusion It is not difficult to buy a truss frame. It is rare how to make the overall display better. And this needs to start from a higher quality point of view, such as the selection of truss frame manufacturers, the choice of construction site, to ensure that the truss frame is durable, its application advantages will be most clearly reflected. Jiangsu Shizhan Metal Products, a professional truss frame manufacturer in Jiangsu, has strong technical force, complete production equipment and perfect testing methods. For many years, it has been committed to the research and development of truss frames. Demand, integrity, strength and product quality are recognized by the industry.                                

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