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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Aluminum alloy scaffolding 1: the technical parameters of the top work platform maximum load of 200 kg/m, tower of the maximum bearing capacity ( Including its weight) Is 1000 kg. 2: the height of the different combination forms: maximum working mesa height of 12 meters, the height can be adjusted according to the 464 mm per level, with a variety of height adjustment function. 3: structure combination in a variety of forms: the development of our company are with built-in ladder aluminum tower series, belt hang on ladder tower series and so on the many kinds of combined system; Tower in addition to the single set of independent use, also can connect into large scaffolding structure for building construction use. 4: the structure is safe and reliable: the main structure adopt aluminum alloy 6061 - Material selection, T6 welding argon arc welding machine, welding is firm and reliable; Tower safety components complete, stable structure, durable. 5: drawn tube side of the hook is made of high quality aluminum alloy casting, has self-locking function, installation is convenient, and can effectively pull the aluminum frame, safe and reliable to ensure that the tower. 6: the combination of parts with small size, takes up less space, convenient transportation and storage. 3. Two basic components and their description: three. 2. Dr 1 ladder aluminum frame: the phi 50. 8 x delta 2 aluminum alloy pipe welding, aluminum set up level 3, 4, 5 horizontal tube, per level on horizontal tube can take a flat platen, the spacing is 464 mm. Aluminum frame can match each other, with a lock connection, the structure is stable and reliable; In-band ladder frame, aluminum ladder pipe using phi 25. 4 take grain aluminum tube, with functions of antiskid. 3. 2. 2 drawn tube: tower mainly by drawn tube are combined to finalize the design support, plays an important role in the stability of the tower structure, divided into cable-stayed pipe ( End hook in red) And between the tube ( The hook is green) ; Drawn tube end hook has self-locking function, end hook by 101 a high quality casting aluminum alloy die-casting, has the characteristics of high strength, and ensure the security of the tower. ( As shown in figure) 3. 2. 3 flat pallet: divided into window type, platform type two kinds, aluminum alloy frame and the delta 12. 7 anti-skid board riveting combination; Window staff flat pallet can be conveniently mounted and whereabouts, window lock automatically locked, reliable performance, prevent blown open shutters accident; End hook diagonal two sets wind locks, which can effectively prevent the pedal is wind blows; The average distribution of each ping bedplate capacity is 250 kg. ( As shown in figure) 3. 2. 4 triangle brace: support and the bottom of the fixed tower, ensure the whole tower, and freely, the operation is simple and convenient. ( As shown in figure) 3. 2. 5 tower castor: 6 'PU casters, durable, won't get to work the ground, its bearing capacity is 500 kg; Adjustable casters of aluminium wire rod, can be adjusted properly, ensure that tower is suitable for different height of ground environment. ( As shown in figure) 3. 2. 6 spring buckle, spring buckle used to connect between the up and down the door frame, simple and convenient operation, connections are secure. ( As shown in figure) 3. 2. 7 D type snap: D type spring fastener used for connection between up and down the door frame, simple and convenient operation, connections are secure, not directly at the door frame. ( As shown in figure) 3. 2. 8: aluminum enclosures assembly at the top of the tower, flat pallet to fence at the top of the height of 1 meter, ensure that personnel working in the construction of safety and easy to operate. ( As shown in figure) 3. 2. 9 skirting board: on the flat pallet assembly, will be around the flat pallet closed, can effectively prevent the tools placed on flat pallet fall, and ensure the personnel working on the flat pallet, prevent foot step empty, accident. ( As shown in figure)
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