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Under the new connection mobile scaffolding accessories super take off - performance Telephone counseling - aluminum bowl the scaffold Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer specially

by:Shizhan     2020-08-22
Bowl aluminum scaffolding telephone contact number: 18420150310 new connections under the mobile scaffolding accessories super take off resistance mobile scaffolding accessories resistant capability is strong, with new connections, new nut ensures that under the condition of the steel pipe has a deformation, vertical firmly fixed, mobile mobile scaffolding accessories have always been able to eliminate the possibility of steel pipe slip. Resistance to deformation ability: compared with ordinary steel plate stamping mobile mobile scaffolding accessories, because of the craft that make different, break through the traditional stamping process the limitation on the thickness of the material and to 5 mm, completely can be used in the process of deformation, thus ensuring the product safety and effective use repetition. To a person in the process of using regularly check the operation condition of machinery, lubrication condition, wear on the surface of the steel wire rope, the safety device is sensitive and reliable, timely solve the problems found. Aluminum bowl scaffolding telephone counseling
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