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by:Shizhan     2020-08-25
In shenzhen ping mountain scaffolding solution contact phone number: 18420150310 scaffolding leasing related news: due to the brace bar stress is very limited, the beams and nodes of fittings, all can make the appropriate concessions. Unlike scaffolding, brace can decrease the rung instead of wall thickness so as to reduce the amount of steel, achieve the goal of cost savings. In order to guarantee the stability of the system structure, design support stands another focus, scaffolding leasing is the system itself should have diagonal bars, to regulate the structure design and the process of building to reduce any uncontrolled, uncertain factors caused by the lack of diagonal or improper use. Even if is to use foreign original design, the craft is excellent bowl scaffold for bridge support, in the same under the premise of guarantee safety, but also cannot achieve specially designed for bridge construction formwork support system, the good efficiency of scaffolding leasing its steel quantity and amount of working hours are not the most economic. In the introduction of bowl scaffold system, due to lack of detailed product information and perfect foreign experimental data, on the process and structure change, all point to the direction of the negative. For example, cancelled the lock in design of the chip and diagonal fastener type, cause system in application, many times without brace. A lot of scaffolding collapse, and lack of diagonal and cause the overall buckling of the frame body. Even some construction enterprises realize the importance of brace, due to the lack of standardized diagonal system specifications, the scaffolding leasing caused by construction units in construction casually use the steel pipe and fasteners, to erect diagonal, resulting in the process of uncontrolled, structure erection of optional the gender is big, can't make a quantitative from the system structure design and calculation. In addition, the process, in the original design on the use of forged steel bowl and bar lock into a cast steel, even there are a lot of products using ductile iron or malleable iron pieces, this greatly reduces the strength of nodes, overturned thoroughly the original design of the overall train of thought. All structural design and calculation of the lost the necessary technique guarantee. Shanzhai bowl of lots of problems with these scaffold system is applied in bridge construction of the consequences, security is not guaranteed. Scaffolding leasing in order to increase the safety factor, party a have to require a huge increase in the density of poling, practice, and even a large number of used a 300 mm rung, cannot fundamentally ensure the security of the system. This and put the industry into a vicious cycle of error, resulting in waste of resources, both increase the material usage, also waste a lot of Labour cost, has violated the national policy guidance of low carbon economy. Leasing as to the design key of scaffold, the scaffolding is very different with the support frame. In our country a large number of applied in bridge support bowl scaffold, for example, the original design was a good bar scaffold system. Unique node design, although still should be classified as articulated, but can bear the load of relatively more, plus the stud on the bowl and cross bar on the slices are forged steel process, make the scaffolding system, abroad have been widely used in chemical plant, refinery, oil field and large ship maintenance, and other areas of the load is relatively high. Want to know more, please login: ping shan shenzhen scaffolding
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