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by:Shizhan     2020-08-23
Shaanxi hot galvanizing plate buckles custom contact phone number: 18420150310 mobile scaffolding accessories quality directly affects the service life of the scaffold, and even affect the safety of construction personnel. But it is a good scaffold accessories also has its service life, long time without replacement. How many years these mobile scaffolding and their accessories can be used? According to the standard, the mobile scaffolding fittings should be able to use more than 10 years, and the surface does not need to maintain. But in the actual production, to achieve such a request, can cause the product cost is high, the complex production process, the raw material is various, such as the inconvenience. And in the actual use, there are a lot of mobile scaffolding accessories for deformation, and other reasons, cause a lot of scaffolding accessories very bad to use, or even eliminated. So, the current domestic common mobile scaffolding and their accessories overall use fixed number of year of around five years. So in the use of mobile scaffold accessories must pay attention to the maintenance, the use fixed number of year extended to the longest, to better reflect its value. In general the whole cold galvanizing the use fixed number of year of mobile scaffolding accessories for 5 years or so, don't need to maintain surface, the moderate cost. Main processing technology for: good welding scaffolding fittings galvanized again, on the surface of every part, are galvanized. Five years term of surface treatment of obsolete and use of time, our products through the national construction engineering quality supervision and inspection center testing, quality assurance, for your project to set up a solid bridge. I plant strong technical force, always adhere to the 'quality first, abide by the contract' business principles, is the first choice for you to success. The main products are: all kinds of scaffolding, mobile scaffolding, bowls button scaffolding, construction scaffolding, up and down, fasteners, u-shaped card, wall bolt is a professional production and marketing of products such as hebei scaffolding manufacturer. Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life order products, to discuss cooperation. Adhere to our factory to the quality strives for the survival, the credibility of development, good price on the market, in good faith cooperation of the management aim, hope the leaders, friends come to visit our factory, in order to better cooperation. Shaanxi hot galvanizing plate buckles custom
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