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Use of round and square tubes in stage truss

by:Shizhan     2020-05-14
Many stage trusses will face such a problem when they are in use, and it is not known whether square tube trusses or round tube trusses should be used. The use of these two types of truss is very different. Today I will briefly talk to you. The construction of the square tube truss includes materials and connection methods, and it has many similarities with the round tube truss. The only difference is that the square tube truss will be directly connected during the use of the square tube truss. . The four-sided structure of the square tube allows the square tube truss to be folded and stored better in the century of use, which also makes our convenience during installation and disassembly. The round tube truss is stronger than the square tube because it is inconvenient to disassemble during use. The truss is more stable. In more cases, we use square tube truss and round tube truss together to complement each other's advantages and reduce the inconvenience in use.
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